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The EU supports viticulture: Italy, Spain and France receive most of the CMO funds

AAWE: in 2018, Italy received 308 million euros, Spain 304 million euros and France 280 million. Here is the 2019/2020 breakdown
The breakdown of EU distribution on the wine supply chain

The 2019/2020 Common Market Organization campaign for the wine sector on the national support program will amount to 337 million euros, divided, as always, by measures and Regions. The quota assigned to the Regions and to the Autonomous Provinces amounts to 286.4 million euros and includes 71.4 million euros for promotion on Third Country markets, net of the amount that the Ministry of Agriculture will manage and 215 million euros for other measures in the program. The support that the European financial budget provides is truly fundamental for the sector, as the numbers of the European Commission, analyzed by the American Association of Wine Economics, have revealed. In 2018 it distributed 308 million euros to Italy, 304 million euros was granted to Spain and 280 million euros went to France. The amount that has been granted to these three countries together drained the vast majority of the European Union funds designated for the wine sector. Following at quite a distance, 65 million euros to Portugal, 33.5 million euros to Germany, 27 million euros to Hungary, 24 million euros to Bulgaria, 16.6 million euros to Romania and 14.6 million euros to Greece. Going back to funds distributed in the 2019-2020 campaign, 102 million euros (broken down, as we have indicated here, according to the implementation decree of the Ministry of Agricultural Policies) for promotion on foreign markets through advertising campaigns and information events aimed at promoting the image of wine; participation in fairs, exhibitions and promotional activities and events, as well as studies and research on target markets. Sixty million euros go to the investment measure, which finances projects, installations, furnishings, equipment and computer programs for customer hospitality, exhibitions, tastings and sales of company products, while 20 million euros are marked for the distillation of winemaking by-products and, finally, 5 million euros are reserved for green harvests.

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