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US duties, will a new round start in 2020? Italian wine (and EU) among the products targeted

The United States Trade Representative has launched a consultation that will close on January 13th. Many products risk 100% duty
In 2020 possible new duties in the U.S., Italian wine among the products targeted

In 2020, possibility of new duties in the US and Italian wine is also targeted
Up until now the United States super-duties in the dispute between Boing and Airbus have spared Italian wine. However, the New Year could start out with anything but positive news. The USTR (United States Trade Representative) has launched a sort of "public" consultation, expiring on January 13th (after which the US Department of Commerce will publish its measures), to assess which products that are already affected by duties should, or possibly will not continue to be affected, regarding Made in Italy products such as cheeses or liqueurs, specifically. It has also published a second list of products on which duties, up to 100%, could be introduced and this list would include sparkling wines and still wines, but also water, fruit juices, pasta, oil and so on, produced in the main EU countries: Italy, France, Spain, the United Kingdom and so on.

There is a new, possible wave of tariffs, therefore, on the horizon that is keeping European and Italian producers waiting on the sidelines. It could have a weighty impact on a strategic world market, as well as on Italian wine & food, which in the first 9 months of 2019, has seen its exports to the States grow 5.9%, to 3.9 billion US dollars, according to data from ICE New York.

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