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About us

www.winenews.it, www.winenews.tv, La Prima di WineNews,
Italian Weekly WineNews, I Vini di WineNews, I Quaderni di WineNews

www.winenews.it is a communications agency daily focusing on the wine & food world. It has been online since May 1st, 2000 (partners with Symbola, the Foundation for Italian Quality), currently counting 40.000 unique readers a day and is on the top search engines. Since 2000, WineNews has established optimal relationships with media in the Italian wine & food world. The Twitter Account (@WineNewsIt) has 19.100 followers. WineNews has been on Facebook since April 12th, 2018 (facebook.com/winenewsit) counting 20.200 “Like”.

www.winenews.it, a communications agency daily and database focusing on the wine world, was founded on May 1st, 2000.

In June 2005, WineNews created the newsletter I Quaderni di WineNews, notes on wine criticism, curated by Franco Pallini and Nicole Schubert, with the collaboration of Antonio Paolini, Fabio Turchetti and Francesca Ciancio, which is delivered to over 30.400 enonauts and wine professionals.

Since 2005, WineNews has been collaborating with Vinitaly, the international showcase of Italian wine, which has delegated editing its portal, www.vinitaly.it news, to www.winenews.it.

In April 2006, WineNews created www.winenews.tv, the web-tv that presents interviews, celebrities, polls and interesting facts in the wine world in video and/or audio form. WineNews’ www.winenews.tv was an innovative idea on the Italian wine scene. The real stars are videos on fun facts and new trends related to the wine world, including interviews with important national and international wine celebrities. In the section dedicated to audio contributions, instead, there are in-depth analyses, reflections and interviews with wine world stars that participate and often are an integral part of the daily news on www.winenews.it. The “Read for You” section is dedicated to daily press reviews of the major national newspapers and magazines in the audio version, curated by the editorial staff.

On January 12th, 2009, WineNews created the first daily about the wine world: La Prima di WineNews. The newsletter is sent out from Monday to Friday at 5:00 pm, free of charge, to more than 31.000 wine professionals, enthusiasts and wine & food opinion leaders. It reports the most interesting news of the day as well as various comments, trends and interesting facts in the wine & food world.
The newsletter, designed entirely by WineNews, is sent out through Tomato Interactive’s Contact Lab Service, a leading company in the digital and Internet media services sector, whose clients include national and international brands from many and varied sectors.

In October 2011, Italian Weekly WineNews was created. This is the “best of” of the week’s news from the Italian wine & food world. Following the newsletter La Prima di WineNews, www.winenews.it, one of the most clicked websites for lovers of good drinking in Italy, “launched” a new communication tool entirely in English. It is a weekly newsletter sent free of charge to over 11.800 non-Italian wine professionals, wine-lovers and wine & food opinion leaders all over the world, every Saturday morning at 10 am, the ideal time to let people, both in the Western and the Eastern parts of the globe, access its contents at the beginning of the weekend. The wine world has an international flavor and as such its tools need to be used all at the same level. Italian Weekly WineNews offers constant weekly updates on the top Italian news related to wine & food outside the national borders and in a language that, to date, is the most spoken the world over.

The culture of good drinking and good eating, which fascinates all kinds of people wherever they are, is on the air during the show, “On Wine”, today, on the WineNews program (originally created for Webradio 8 - RadioRai). It has broadcast news, talks, fun facts and lifestyles in the food and wine world on Saturday, starting back in March 2012. The musical lineup is all themed pieces, including great classics, new sounds and “eno-musical treats”, dedicated to wine and food. WineNews is on air to reach a broader public of listeners, fans and more, through the radio, which like wine arouses emotions in a perfect and fun pairing to tell the world about made in Italy food and wine.

In June 2018, WineNews finally created the newsletter I Vini di WineNews, with our favourite tasted wines, one every day, which is delivered to over 29.800 enonauts and wine professionals

The Winenews staff
To date, WineNews staff is comprised:
Alessandro Regoli - Director / Founder WineNews
Irene Chiari - Communication / Founder WineNews
Federico Pizzinelli - La Prima di WineNews
Emma Lucherini - Communications Office
Piermichele Capulli and Clara Bruno - www.winenews.tv, press review and Facebook
Nicole Schubert and Franco Pallini (consultant) - I Vini di WineNews e I Quaderni di WineNews, collaborators: Antonio Paolini, Fabio Turchetti, Francesca Ciancio, Daniel Thomases, Alessandra Piubello
Loretta Ferretti - Office Secretary
Jean Matranga (consultant) - Translations in English
Gabriella Ferrari (external consultant) and Sonia Corsi (collaborator) - WineNews Workshop for Children’s Education
Collaborators and external consultants: Lorenzo Bordoni (Milan), Fiammetta Mussio (North West), Clementina Palese (North East), Cristina Latessa (Rome), Gilberto Bertini (Florence and external consultant www.winenews.tv), Francesca Ciancio (Milan and external consultant www.winenews.tv), Manuela Laiacona (South and Sicily and external consultant www.winenews.tv)

www.winenews.it & www.winenews.tv
La Prima di WineNews & Italian Weekly WineNews
I Vini di WineNews & I Quaderni di WineNews

Director: Alessandro Regoli
Via Cialdini, 93 - Via Donnoli, 6/7/8 - 53024 Montalcino (Siena)
Ph. 0577 - 848609-848776-848608 - Fax 0577 - 846132

Twitter Account: @WineNewsIt
Facebook Profile: facebook.com/winenewsit

Registered at the Courthouse of Siena
Periodicals Register nr. 709 of March 31st, 2001

Registered at the Courthouse of Siena
Periodicals Register nr. 14 of October 1st, 2008

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