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“Milano Wine Week” 2021 is back for enthusiasts and businesses, for Milan and the world

October 2nd to the 10th in person and online, “Wine Districts”, tastings, Forums and “Wine Business City”

“Milano Wine Week” 2021, is the 4th edition of the Milanese wine event, scheduled to be held October 2nd to 10th 2021. The Mayor, Giuseppe Sala, attended the presentation of the program of events in Milan. The ambition of the event is to give an increasingly International flavor, which “will turn into an outstanding moment to re-launch the hospitality and catering sector and create a program of experiences that will put wine in contact with art, fashion and design”. The event has been scheduled to be held in person and online, as we are now accustomed to – in Milan, in person and with the rest of the world, online. “Wine Districts” will be dedicated to the Consortiums (Franciacorta, Asti, Prosecco DOCG, Vini d'Abruzzo, Valpolicella, Oltrepò Pavese, Lugana and the wines and oils of Liguria), and will focus on meetings with enthusiasts, producers and restaurants. “Wine Business City”, instead, will be dedicated and will focus more attention on b2b. The password for “Milano Wine Week” 2021, has been generated through a “new App that allows visitors to create an itinerary tailored to their interests, and to plan it in detail, so they can interact with places and events whether they may be fashion, design, art or catering. The event has been created to offer a new way of thinking about wine, and it has been prepared in style, imagining a living experience dialoguing with the excellences in the city. There will also be a specific App for professionals participating in “Wine Business City”, scheduled on October 3rd and 4th, which is the “Milan Wine Week” 2021 innovative business event dedicated to the main players in the wine industry”.
“Sector professionals, as well as wine enthusiasts, will greatly appreciate the formula that "Milano Wine Week" 2021 has adopted”, said the Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, “the idea of ​​integrating the experience together with in person participation of scheduled events through an App that supplies information and various services is contemporary and very useful, especially in this period of restarting for the city and for our Country. Milan will be able to give value to the potential of this new meeting opportunity, thanks also to Wine Districts and the collaboration of the main Italian wine Consortiums, and this will allow the entire city to be the star of the event. I would like to thank President Gordini for the exceptional organization of the event. I am sure that “Milano Wine Week” 2021 will give enormous support to the wine industry as well as to the catering and hospitality chains, which are very closely linked to the sector. Interesting stimuli will arise from the event and new and profitable collaborations will be launched”. Headquarters will once again be at Palazzo Bovara (Corso Venezia), but the scheduled activities will be distributed to every corner of Milan. There will be moments dedicated to sector professionals, training and networking events, activities for the public in historic buildings, public squares and restaurants, bars, etc. This will be truly restarting, not only for wine or events, but for the entire world of hospitality and catering, which is finally able to start again after an exceptionally challenging year. The event network has provided hundreds of crosscutting activities including fashion showrooms to art ateliers and spaces dedicated to design.
Innovation, as we said, will be the all-around guide to the “Milano Wine Week” 2021. Thanks to digitalized wine cards, Milan will become the first city in the world where you can choose where to go for dinner according to the wine you want to drink. This will be possible using the same App that will allow you to take advantage of the many services the city offers, such as renting a bike, booking a visit to an exhibition, reserving a place for an event or participating in one of the Wine Tours, which for the duration of the event will connect Milan to the wine territories located at short and medium distances. “Our intention”, declared Federico Gordini, president of “Milano Wine Week” 2021”, is to build an experience of using the event to enhance physical participation with the support of digital tools. In this way, we are creating a large network that allows visitors to integrate the hundreds of experiences and events scheduled with a genuine experience of the city. All of this will foster strong interactions between wine producers, companies, opinion leaders, the public and the territory, and will be the ideal place where communication among all the players can become an added value as well as being the driving force to restart at national and International levels”.
One of the many innovations at “Milano Wine Week” 2021 will be the dialogue with the Digital Ecosystem E015, an initiative promoted by the Lombardy Region to encourage creating digital relationships between different subjects, public and private, and the use of Beacons, the new frontier of marketing of proximity, which will be located throughout the city. Visitors will be able to get suggestions within the shortest range of the place where they are, thanks to geo-location, and build a tailor-made “Milan Wine Week” 2021 on their own tastes and needs. The user who accumulates at least three experiences during the event, via the App, can participate in a contest and receive prizes, such as participating in an exclusive party or a wine tasting. The App will also be active beyond the event, letting one, in a future moment, book a restaurant based on its wine list.
“Milano Wine Week” 2021 dedicated to wine lovers, enthusiasts, opinion leaders and operators in the hospitality world, will follow its characteristic setting as an event spread throughout the territory, thanks to the collaboration of some of the excellent Italian wine Consortiums, together with Wine Districts. Several of the most popular wine districts in the city have been selected where restaurants and clubs will host activities in collaboration with the Consortiums to discover a few of the main Italian denominations and their products. As a matter of fact, the first 8 Districts for “Milano Wine Week” 2021 are already official and are: the Brera district, which will host the Consortium for the Protection of Franciacorta; Sempione, the Asti DOCG appellation; the Gae Aulenti and Garibaldi areas will be the home to Prosecco Valdobbiadene DOCG; Porta Venezia will welcome the Consorzio Tutela Vini d'Abruzzo; Sanzio - Marghera - Ravizza area will host the Consortium for the Protection of Valpolicella wines; Eustachi, the wines of Oltrepò Pavese; Porta Romana will welcome the Lugana appellation and finally, the Isola Area will host the wines and oils of the Liguria Region.
“Culture, innovation and that International flavor that characterizes Milan, these are the elements that combined, represent a winning formula”, pointed out the Undersecretary for Agricultural Policies, Gian Marco Centinaio. “This event will involve wine lovers, and at the same time, offer new business opportunities to professionals in the sector. The capital of Lombardy is not only a reference point for art, fashion and design, it will also become a destination for food and wine tourism, inviting the community of enthusiasts to discover the city and the surrounding areas in a new light”.
There is space dedicated to the food world as well, which must necessarily interact with wine. During "Milano Wine Week" 2021, in addition to involving the city administration and catering activities, important training opportunities for the public have been provided in the Kitchen of "Milano Wine Week" 2021. There will be Wine Pairing, dedicated to the culture of food-wine pairing, which will host some of the most famous Italian chefs as the main players, as well as opportunities to jointly promote wine and food included in the International program. The aim is to jointly communicate two fundamental elements of Italian lifestyle to professionals on seven of the most important world markets.
“Furthermore, Milan Wine Week”, explained another note, “will transform Milan into a hub for food and wine tourism. This year Wine Tours for the public have been presented with routes and activities to discover the richness of the wine territories at maximum two hours away from the Lombard capital, departing from the city, to create a connection between places, products and experiences”.
There will also be an International space, as we had mentioned. “Following the magnificent results in 2020 of the tastings broadcast live from Milan with in person Master classes for over 1.000 selected professionals in locations in 7 cities in the USA, Canada, Russia and China, in 2021 Milano Wine Week’s International program has been improved and expanded to reach 11 cities (Montreal, Toronto, New York, Chicago, Miami, London, Moscow, Shanghai, Shenzen, Tokyo, Hong Kong) on 7 key markets for wine exports (USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Russia, China, Hong Kong and Japan)”.
“Wine Business Forum”, “Shaping Wine” (organized in collaboration with the School of Management SDA Bocconi), and the “Wine Generation Forum” are again scheduled on the calendar, while the new symposium on “Wine Science” has been added to the “Wine Geek” schedule. The real news, though, is the new initiative dedicated entirely to the trade; that is, “Wine Business City”, scheduled at MegaWatt on October 3rd and 4th. It will be an innovative two-day business event where both companies and professionals in the HoReCa (hotel, restaurant, catering) sector will meet physical and digital retail in a fundamental period of the year, during which purchases are defined for the last quarter of 2021 and the first quarter of 2022. “The wine world”, underlined Federico Gordini, “has been asking for an event, in Milan, dedicated exclusively to sector professionals. We, therefore, decided to make it happen utilizing a working method borrowed from the fashion world, which is one to one appointments at the showrooms with buyers. So, taking the cue precisely from fashion, Milano Business City will make available, in addition to the exhibition space, also 60 business lounges, places dedicated exclusively to professionals, in an ideal environment to complete negotiations”.
There is a digital space, too, with Wine Business City App, which thanks to the detailed profiles of visitors at the time of registration, is set up to create a match between the needs of professionals and exhibiting companies’ offers. Visiting professionals will be able to create tailored itineraries based on their interests within the exhibition area and the themed areas. The application will be released starting a month before the event, to allow you to plan your agenda of appointments in Wine Business City well in advance.

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