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Wine: Italy will be the first world market for the consumption of bubbles in 2022

As the IWSR forecasts, which estimate growth of 0.3% per year in the consumption of still wines and +1.6% of sparkling wines globally, show
Iwsr: wine, in 2022 Italy will be the first world market for the consumption of bubbles

Understanding how a sector will evolve, or at least try, is fundamental in order to plan production and market strategies. And wine is no exception. Although the Bacchus sector in Italy and worldwide enjoys good health, the prospects, at least in the next three years, are substantially stable in terms of overall consumption. From the latest analysis by International Wine & Spirits Research, according to which the growth of alcohol consumption is increasing attention to moderation and conscious drinking, but also to complete abstinence, perhaps only for some periods, above all by of the Millennials. In a city like London, says Iwsr, the number of clubs dedicated to the theme of health increases, while the number of pubs, an icon of the social life of the City, decreases. In any case, coming to wine, from now until 2020 it will grow, but in a different way for still wines and sparkling wines. In the first case, consumption will increase by 35 million cases of 9 liters, reaching 2.4 billion cases.
The growth in consumption in the Americas, in the CIS area, formed by Russia and other former Soviet republics, will be canceled out by the drop in consumption expected in the historical producer (and consumer) countries of Europe, and the result will be a growth of just 0.3%. The United States, Russia, and Brazil are indicated as key countries for growth, together with some African countries, such as Angola. The sparkling wine market has a different trend but starts from completely different numbers. Growth, from now until 2022, will be 1.6% per year, to reach 283 million cases in the next three years. Italy, in this sense, will be the absolute protagonist. Not only because Prosecco will be worth half of this growth alone, estimated, overall, at 21 million more cases of sparkling wine, and which will be led by the Belpaese, the United Kingdom and the United States. But also because, in 2022, according to the forecasts of the Iwsr, Italy will be the first market in the world for consumption of bubbles, overtaking even Germany, which currently holds the scepter.

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