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Vineyards light up with candles again against frost. In South Tyrol, at Abbazia di Novacella

Fires between the rows with buds already on the vines as nighttime temperatures dropped a few degrees below zero

In this early spring, which in many parts of Italy resembles a late winter, with the vines already sprouting, the fires in the vineyard return to provide striking, but also troubling images. Like those coming from the social profiles of Abbazia di Novacella, one of the oldest wineries in South Tyrol, whose rows of vines were filled with lit candles to defend the bud-filled plants from the cold. “Tonight the temperatures around the monastery dropped below -2 degrees Celsius. So we had to protect the vines from frost damage with warming candles”, the winery explains on Facebook. Images, those coming from Novacella, taken by the winery’s director, Werner Waldboth. And that if until a few years ago they told of exceptional events, for some time now, on the other hand, from Burgundy, in France, to different parts of Italy, not only in the North, they have become almost recurrent, every year, testifying to the effects of the ongoing climate change, with which winegrowers have to deal.

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