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43.2 million hectoliters of wine in cellars in October 2023 -5.8% on 2022 (but +2.5% on September)

Data, recorded with the harvest not yet completed, tell of an Italy with a whole vintage still in stock

From wine stocks at +9.1% as of September 30, 2023 over the same month 2022 (at 42.8 million hectoliters), to a percentage drop, as of October 31, 2023 (over the same month 2022), of -5.8 %, but with higher absolute values over last month, as there are 43.8 million hectoliters in stock (+2.5 %), and with data that, given the time in which they are recorded, still do not take into account, if only partially, this year’s harvest. These, at least, are the numbers from Icqrf's latest Cantina Italia Report, whose data cover at least 95% of the wine and must held in Italy. Specifically, the report explains, as of October 31, 2023, there were 43.8 million hectoliters of wine (-5.8% over the same period in 2023), 13.5 million hectoliters of must (-23.6%), and 12.1 million hectoliters of new wine still in fermentation (-19.6%) in Italian wine-making facilities. Overall, then, there is always a whole vintage in Italian wineries stocked, with 53.7% PDO wines (28% reds and 25.5% whites), 26.4% PGI (16.3% reds and 9.2% whites), and the rest represented by table wines and varietals. As always, more than half of Italian wine is planted in northern Italian regions, with Veneto guarding 24.5%. Prosecco Doc (3.9 million hectoliters), Igt Puglia (1.9), Igt Toscana (1.2), Igp Salento (1.2), Doc Sicilia (1.2), Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (1.2) and Doc delle Venezie (1.1) the Denominations with the most stock in the cellar.

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