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A Caribbean island costs less than a hectare of Italian vineyard: Coldiretti on WineNews quotations

The credit is also due to the immense variety of the soil: At Vinitaly 2019, Coldiretti presents 405 different types in a sensory exhibition
Coldiretti at Vinitaly 2019 brings 405 varieties of the soil of Italian Doc and Docg

Buying an island in the Bahamas or the Caribbean costs less than acquiring one hectare of Italian vineyard: it seems absurd, but a private island in the Central American havens can be acquired with just over 2 million euros, while one hectare of Barolo reaches up to 2.5 million euros: the Coldiretti, directly from Vinitaly 2019, which will be staged until April 10 in Verona, where the Italian farmers’ association inaugurates the “Casa Coldiretti”, a space for meetings and discussions in which an exclusive sensorial museum is also set up, displaying over 405 lands of Italian wine designations, to be observed closely.
The superstar is, therefore, the Piedmontese Barolo, while for Brunello di Montalcino and Prosecco the figures reach up to one million euros per hectare. To get a hectare of Barbaresco, Coldiretti continues, it takes between 500 and 600,000 euros, as well as Amarone Della Valpolicella, Bolgheri Toscano and the vineyards of Trentino Alto Adige, which amount to a million of Euro. Other prestigious Docs are less expensive, from Franciacorta, which reaches 300,000 euros, to Chianti, at 200,000 euros, but the same figures also include Lugana, a wine that is growing so much to be at the top of the top ten of the bottles that have recorded the greatest increase in sales in value in large-scale distribution.
Even though it has very variable quotations for the type of wine produced, the average value of vineyards in Italy, Coldiretti points out on the basis of data Crea-Consiglio for research in agriculture and analysis of the agricultural economy, is about 51,000 euros per hectare, more than two and a half times the average of agricultural land. In terms of territory, the highest average prices are recorded in Trentino Alto Adige, with values higher than 200,000 euros, followed by Veneto, which is just below 140,000 euros per hectare, double of those of Piemont, which with 68,000 euros ranks third. Quotations above the national average also for Friuli Venezia Giulia (61,000 euros), Lombardy (57,000 euros) and Tuscany (55,000 euros). Success at the basis of the land, recalls Coldiretti, which in Italy has recorded an extraordinary and unique variety. The volcanic soils, for example, guarantee the ideal conditions for growing grapes from which wines are produced, especially white wines characterized by great minerality.

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