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Chianti has launched a project and laid the foundation for the future: 6 million euros for promotion

The shared project will be promoted in Canada and the US, markets to be re-conquered after the export blockade, says the Consortium
President of the Chianti Consortium Giovanni Busi

Operation Re-launch. In the midst of the toughest moment facing international markets, starting when the Covid-19 epidemic blocked "historical" outlets, the Chianti Consortium has instead developed a 6 million euros project that will be promoted in Canada and the United States, key target markets for the extra-EU area. It is a “bet” that must be won, as well as a message of optimism to be launched to the entire sector. The operation is a shared project that sees the Chianti Consortium in the leading role, in partnership with the Asiago DOP Cheese Consortium, the Asti DOCG Consortium, the Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC Consortium and the Pecorino Sardo DOP Consortium. Together, these Consortia have launched a contest in Europe to select subjects to be included in the development of an informational and promotional campaign, which will be carried out over the three-year period 2021-2024. Its goal is boosting Italian agro-food products and strengthening its presence on the Canadian and US markets. The project is one of the initiatives put in place to intensify competitiveness for the European Union agricultural sector, and will be presented to the Commission to obtain funding, on June 3, 2020.
“The Covid-19 pandemic caused the blockade of exports”, said Giovanni Busi, President of the Consortium, “and has created heavy repercussions on Chianti wine producers who were suddenly forced to close all outlets both on the domestic market (including closing bars, wine bars, restaurants) as well as on foreign markets. They are now in the condition of having no revenues since the wine in the cellars remains unsold and in the meantime, companies must continue to bear expenses because it is obviously not possible to abandon the fields, where the vegetative cycle of the plants must be continued”.
In the meantime, there have been continual requests for concrete assistance in this situation which risks suffocating businesses. “In the face of this crisis”, continued Busi, “the measures provided by the government decrees are largely insufficient in tax-fiscal terms, in the field of work security, social security and credit. We have to be able to work and sell to start again”. Therefore, we will also be concentrating efforts on a campaign that will promote identifying the quality of Chianti wine to US and Canadian consumers, as well as supporting the recovery of businesses on two markets that are crucial for sales and, consequently, the survival of hundreds of farms. The contest is open, and the deadline to receive applications is set for May 12, 2020.

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