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Dr. Anthony Fauci “ambassador” of Prosecco in the USA

The line at the end of an interview with “PBS NewsHour”: “at Christmas dinner at home with my wife, Zoom with his daughters, and a glass of Prosecco
Dr. Anthony Fauci “ambassador” of Prosecco in the USA

The ways of Prosecco are endless. And, so, it happens that the most followed immunologist in the United States, Anthony Stephen Fauci, at the end of an interview, which discusses vaccines, “English variant” of Covid, measures and restrictions, makes a spontaneous invitation to the nation, to toast Christmas with a glass of the most famous Italian sparkling wine. It happened in the recent episode of “PBS NewsHour”, one of the longest-running news broadcasts on US television, on air since 1975, led by journalist Judy Woodruff. She asked Fauci what he would do for his 80th birthday, which is on December 24.
“I’m going to do what I recommend the rest of the country to do”, Fauci said, referring mainly to the classic recommendations these days on the front of crowds and visits to relatives, but with a curious oenological parenthesis. “I will turn 80 on Christmas night. I will spend it dining quietly with my wife, and we will do as we did on Thanksgiving. A Zoom call with my three daughters, so we can chat. And maybe share a glass of Prosecco with them. So, I’m going to practice what I preached to the American public”, said Fauci. Who, for a few moments, also became a “brand ambassador” of Italy’s most famous bubbles in the world.
“It is a great satisfaction, as well as a stroke of luck, but above all it is yet another sign that this wine is known and appreciated by many, and that its success - comments, to WineNews, the president of the Consortium of Prosecco Doc, Stefano Zanette - is a solid reality, not a boutade, as someone claimed some time ago. The designation, moreover, cannot complain, it is closing a year that is still positive: we are waiting for the latest data, but there will still be growth, overall, in 2020 over 2019. And in such a difficult year that’s a really important thing. Let’s say it without triumphalism, especially out of respect for those who had health problems and on the business side, but it is reality. A special bottle for Fauci? At least a magnum or something more, as soon as it will be possible”, Zanette concludes with a joke.

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