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From 2026 “health warnings” on alcohol labels in Ireland: law signed

The announcement by Ireland’s Minister of Health, Stephen Donnelly. In June, the issue in WTO, after relief from several countries
From 2026 “health warnings” on alcohol labels in Ireland: law signed

“Ireland will become the first country in the world to introduce full health warning labels on alcohol products. I signed the regulations so that, starting in May 2026, labels will contain information on calorie content, grams of alcohol, and risks of liver disease and cancer”. Thus, on Twitter, Irish Health Minister Stephen Donnelly, who converted Ireland’s controversial regulation requiring alcohol labels with health warnings into law. Not immediately, as mentioned, but in three years.
A regulation that, as we have recounted in recent months, has prompted an outcry from the Italian and European wine world, with several organizations, starting with Federvini and Ceev (Comité Vins and Spirits Europe), filing complaints with the European Union, and several countries, from the U.S. to the U.K., Australia to Canada, Cuba to Mexico, and New Zealand, submitting comments against the regulation itself at the World Trade Organization, which will be explored in depth in June at the table on “Technical Barriers to Trade”.
But, in the meantime, with clearance from the European Commission, Ireland, as reiterated many times, despite everything, continues on its path. And, from 2026, in the labels of wine, beer, whiskey and so on, which will be on the market in the country, on the label, as things stand at present, there will also be healt warnings.

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