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In Canada, sparkling consumptions are increasing, with Italy leader, according to Wine Intelligence

In the first 3 months of 2019 Italian export at 7.1 million euros (in 2018 at 6.2), driven by Prosecco (Istat data analyzed by WineNews)
The sparkling wine market in Canada grows according to Wine Intelligence

Sparkling wines have been the driving force of the Italian and global export in recent years, and this tendency is not expected to stop. At least in Canada, where consumptions and bubbles consumers increase, with Prosecco, of course, on top, and increasingly loved especially by young people. These trends emerge from a focus on sparkling wines in the Canadian market signed by Wine Intelligence. Italy, in the first quarter of 2019, according to Istat data analyzed by WineNews, sent 7.1 million euros of bubbles (over 5 thanks to Prosecco, ed.)to the North American Country, increasing from 6.2 of the same period of 2018. Wine Intelligence explains that in Canada, in the last 10 years, the number of bubbles consumers (who drink them at least once a month) has increased by 1.8 million people, up to 5.4. Consumers, that are increasingly interested, are more and more expert and curious about the different types of sparkling wine, and they are more willing to spend a few dollars more for a good bottle, both at home and outside. According to data, 80% of sparkling wines consumptions in Canada is of important wines, with Italy on top, with 33% share of the market in volume, before France (16%, thanks to Champagne) and Spain (Cava), thanks to the fast growth of Prosecco in the last few years, that “is suitable for the last consumption changes, and it‘s directed at people who drink sparkling wine on more informal occasions,” explains Wine Intelligence, with a growth of consumptions led by Millennials, and with consumers , that are ready to spend more for wines of higher quality. Another tendency reveals that won’t please wine purists but only young Canadian women, is the increase of consumption of sparkling beverages, which is an important market opportunity.

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