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Italian sparkling wines: Holland is the country that pays the most, Spain the most “stingy”

Curiosities in Comtrade’s data, analyzed by American wine economists. France fourth market in value, behind USA, UK and Germany

Italian sparkling wines, Prosecco in the lead, are now a must-have around the world. Despite the pandemic and very few opportunities to party in 2020, according to data from Comtrade, the United Nations statistics agency, analyzed by the American Association of Wine Economists (Aawe), more than 408 million liters were exported, for a value of 1.6 billion dollars, at an average price of 4.12 dollars per liter. But, from the data, interesting confirmations and curiosities emerge. Among the confirmations, the weight of the USA, first importer in value (395 million dollars) and second in volume (87 million liters), and the United Kingdom (370 million dollars for 104 million liters). On the podium, Germany (123 million dollars) in front, somewhat surprisingly, of France of Champagne, the fourth market for Italian sparkling wine, for 78 million dollars, more than Switzerland, with 71 million dollars, and Russia (with 64). It also emerges that the country which “spends more” for a liter of Italian sparkling wine is Holland: the Netherlands, in fact, import Italian sparkling wine at an average price of 5.75 dollars, ahead of Switzerland which pays 5.5 dollars per liter, Canada, with 5.49 dollars, and Japan, with 5.34 dollars. The lowest unit value in absolute, instead, Italian bubbles are made in Spain, with just 1.91 dollars per liter, then in China, with 3.41 dollars, and in Russia, with 3.48 dollars per liter, on average.

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