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La Rocca, Montebaldo, Sommacampagna: Bardolino focuses on its “crus”

The evolution of the Veneto territory facing Lake Garda; the last case of a trend that many Italian wine names have crossed through
La Rocca, Montebaldo, Sommacampagna: Bardolino focuses on its “crus”

Piece by piece Bardolino DOC is composing the puzzle it started ten years ago, defining a name both more appropriate to the market as well as more capable of enhancing the different expressions of Corvina in its different pedoclimatic situations and cultivation of the DOC.
This is the road towards the “Cru", which is becoming more and more popular among Italian wine denominations. It has been going on for years in areas like the Langhe, between Barolo and Barbaresco, for instance, or more recently, remaining in the Verona area, from Soave, and upon which Chianti Classico is starting to move more concretely, as WineNews has reported just recently.
This closes the circle, so to speak, for the Bardolino territory, which will lead to final numbers decidedly different than the current ones of Chiaretto - following the “rosé revolution” of the past few years, which made it the most produced rosé in Italy - produced in the cooler areas, Bardolino in the top areas and Bardolino Cru produced following stricter rules in the excellent vineyards of the three sub-areas in which the DOC will be divided: La Rocca, Montebaldo and Sommacampagna. The latter is the final act of the “Bardolino Village” project, and the second goal of the strategic plan Angelo Peretti signed and launched in 2008.
In the future, the markers of the three sub-areas will emerge even more clearly through an increasingly improved and “dedicated” management of the Bardolino Cru. In the Montebaldo subzone, the notes of clove prevail in the nose while it is strawberry in the mouth. Cinnamon and raspberry distinguish La Rocca, while in the southernmost sub-area Sommacampagna, pepper and cherry are perceived.

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