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More than hip hop, the new obsession of the NBA stars is wine, and Lebron discovers Italy

First, it was Sassicaia 1997, now, in the Instagram stories of the star of the Lakers, the love for Quintarelli, Uccelliera and Emidio Pepe

There are those who aspire to become an influencer and live off one post and another on social networks, and who influences, in one way or another, the behavior of others, especially when it comes to consumption and purchases. It happens, essentially, to the stars, whether they are in cinema or sport, and it has always been so, with the only difference that today people do not need the magazines, “put” in the attic right by social media, where the famous are undressed, without any filters (except those of Instagram), in their everyday life. Thousands of reactions and comments to any photo or video, so in the USA the NBA star Lebron James, perhaps the most populated of the basketball players of the last decade, for some time now has been talking about himself more for his new passion, wine, especially Italian wine, than for his performance on the parquet.
In the stories of Instagram, of the last months, bottles and glasses appear continuously, and not of the “usual” very expensive Champagne, but of refined labels, as a true enthusiast. However, a few months ago appeared on display cru of Bordeaux and Sassicaia 1997, while nowadays, after the Brunello di Uccelliera and the Amarone di Quintarelli, the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo by Emidio Pepe were introduced, which for wine lovers in Italy is a must-have, but that it is also a must-have for the center of the Lakers is great news.
Especially for those who have more than 46 million followers on Instagram, practically a State, a giant audience, and friends, like Dwyane Wade, from 13 million followers, who since the days when they played together in Miami has learned to rotate the glass in a professional way, discovering Bacchus and his wonders, which now are on the social champions of the NBA, dominated in recent years, by the “wine lovers”, Golden State Warriors, Californian team to which Silver Oak, one of the brands of Napa Valley, has dedicated a limited edition of 5 bottles (for $ 500).

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