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Ocm Wine Promotion, here is the ranking of projects on the national quota (28 million euros)

Published by Politiche Agricole the list of funding 2019-2020. Rumors: appeals on multiregional projects already announced
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Here is the ranking of the funds Ocm Promotion 2019-2019 (ph brushLovers.com)

13 promotion projects in third countries, for a total public contribution of 28 million euro from European funds which, together with the capital invested by the companies, will start total investments of 68.4 million euro: emerges from the reading of the list of projects approved and financed under the national quota of the Ocm Vino, published in recent days by the Ministry of Agricultural Policies (while the rankings of the Regions have come out and are coming out, and are already published the rankings of - Veneto, Tuscany, Sicily, Calabria, Lazio, Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Abruzzo and Sardinia - which manage 70 of the 100 million euros available each year for Italy, but, from WineNews rumors, are already coming to appeals on the front of multiregional projects, ed.).
And so, first in the ranking by score, but also by amount funded, there is the project of Enotria Promotion, with 3 million euros in funding for 7.5 total amount, the same figures as that of the Association Be Wines. 2.99 million euros, instead, for a project of 7.49 million euros, are those assigned to Confagri Promotion, the company of Confagricoltura, while 2.94 million euros of funding for 7.3 of the project are those allocated to the Santa Margherita Group.
Again, in order of financing, there are 2.7 million euros for a total project of 6.9 Farnese Vini, while there are 2.6 million euros on a project of 6.6 for Zonin (which also gets 687,024 euros for a project of 1.7 million euros for his winery in Chianti Classico, Castello d’Albola, with the group that, in total, is the one that brings together the most important figures, with over 3.3 million euros in financing for over 8.3 total investment). Also, the Istituto Grandi Marchi(which brings together 19 top names in Italian wine, Alois Lageder, Antinori, Argiolas, Ca’ del Bosco, Carpenè Malvolti, Col d’Orcia, Donnafugata, Gaja, Folonari Tenute, Jermann, Lungarotti, Masi, Mastroberardino, Michele Chiarlo, Pio Cesare, Rivera, Tasca d’Almerita, Tenuta San Guido and Umani Ronchi) has approved a loan of 2.52 million euros on a project of 6.3 million euros, while the “constitution” Ati Italian Scent collects 2.4 million euros for a project of 5.5. Finally, there is the 4 million euro PDO project in The World, funded with 1.6 million euros, that of Cantine Sgarzi, from 3.9, funded with 1.5, that of the Consorzio Magellano da 2, 3, financed with 1.1, and that of Federdoc with 1 million euros, financed with 520.890 euros.
This is the state of the art to date, with the contribution that, according to WineNews, will be distributed for the most part (80%) over the year 2019-2020, and the remainder over the year 2020-2021.
Considering, of course, appeals and complications that, as seen in previous years, would not be something new. With a note: the importance of OCM funds for the promotion of Italian wine is indisputable. But since these are public funds that make an important contribution to the direct investments of companies, it would be appropriate for the institutions, both the Ministry of Agricultural Policies or the Regions, to publish the rankings easily and make the list available of the actual beneficiaries of these funds, because when the proposing subject is a cellar, a Consortium or a known grouping, it is easy to go back to names and surnames, while in other cases this is not the case.

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