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Premier Giorgia Meloni to WineNews: “wine is part of our identity as Italians”

In her brief “journey” among the producers attending Vinitaly 2024, we asked her whether the sector needs protection or promotion more: “both”
Premier Giorgia Meloni interviewed by WineNews

Wine for Italy, has not only economic value, but “is history, culture” and “is a fundamental part of our identity as Italians”, with agriculture are central to our country and represent its future thanks to the many young people who want to work in their world one day. Testifying to this, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni returned to Vinitaly 2024, in Verona, on the first National Day of Made in Italy, which, a choice not coincidental, she celebrated with the world of Italian wine, which is one of its strongest symbols in the world, and she reiterated this in an interview with WineNews, which crossed paths with the Premier in her brief “journey” through wine Italy, among producers from all Italian regions present in the world’s benchmark event for the sector, also asking her whether Italian wine today needs protection or promotion more. And President Meloni’s answer was pleonastic: of “both”.

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