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Renzo Rosso arrives in the Langa with Josetta Saffirio. And launches “Brave Wine”, his wine hub

The Barolo, Diesel Farm, and Benanti brands form the foundation of a project that aims to establish itself in all of Italy’s great wine regions
Renzo Rosso and Sara Vezza

In the beginning, almost thirty years ago, wine was a passion, one more than the core business of Renzo Rosso, an entrepreneur who from Vicenza conquered the world of fashion and lifestyle with the Diesel brand. In 2016, the awareness, endorsed by well-considered words – “the new luxury is the world of organic” - and the entrepreneurial turning point, which led in 2021 to the entry into the capital of Masi Agricola, the historic Amarone brand of Boscaini family, of which Renzo Rosso now holds 10%, via the Red Circle holding. In October 2022, happened the first investment outside of Veneto, in one of Italy’s emerging wine regions, Etna, with the acquisition of 40% of Benanti, a company with 170,000 bottles produced, for 7.5 million euros.
Since then, the ambition and the project have become clearer, with the goal of establishing a true wine pole focusing on the most important denominations of Italian wine. A project that definitely took off with a new operation, entry into the capital of the historic Barolo brand Josetta Saffirio, reunited in a single company by her daughter Sara Vezza, who has been producing nearby Nebbiolo and Alta Langa since the 1990s. The other novelty is that of a strategic and organizational nature: Josetta Saffirio, together with Benanti and Diesel Farm, on the hills of Marostica, where the first Renzo Rosso branded wines are born, become in fact the core of “Brave Wine”, the new holding dedicated to wine, created to manage investments in the high-end sector and dedicated to the search for the best companies in the sector and the most prestigious terroirs. Of which the participation in Masi remains outside, and will continue to be owned by Red Circle Investments.
“I established the Brave Wine holding to fully manage my wine project. The idea is to be present in areas of excellence in Italy and worldwide. We have already integrated two excellences, Benanti and Josetta Saffirio di Sara Vezza, but we will continue our research to have a portfolio representative of the richness and quality of this sector at an international level”, says Renzo Rosso, who had a turnover of 1.74 billion euros in 2022 with the international fashion and OTB luxury.
“In the spring of 2022, I began an ambitious project by exercising pre-emption rights over the Barolo vineyards that I rented from my mother, thus successfully uniting the company and the vineyards cultivated by me after nearly 20 years of hard work and passion. The year 2023 marks the start of a new adventure. The addition of Brave Wine to the company’s capital will allow us to accelerate and more effectively implement the project to consolidate our brands in the Nebbiolo and Barolo markets, as well as the development of Alta Langa production. “I am delighted to have found an investor like Renzo Rosso, who values our work in the vineyards and shares the company’s long-term vision and growth”, adds Sara Vezza, director of Sara Vezza SS.s.

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