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Signorvino celebrates 10 years, and sets its sights abroad, starting with Paris and Prague

15 new openings planned in 2022-23 for the wine shop chain founded by Sandro Veronesi, led by his son Federico and Luca Pizzighella

In 2021 it touched a turnover of 37 million euros, and as a birthday present, the target is set at 57 million euros, in physical stores alone. Also thanks to the upcoming openings planned for the year, 15 in all, in Italy but also abroad that are expected to arrive in Paris, France, Prague, the Czech Republic and beyond. This is the portrait, in short, of Signorvino, the largest wine shop chain in Italy, launched in 2012 by Sandro Veronesi, which celebrates an important milestone, that of its first ten years of activity, with a series of initiatives, from the celebratory video to the online contest to the six scheduled events that will combine wine, food and music: it starts on June 16 in Milano Navigli and then continues on June 30 in Milano Garibaldi, on July 14 in Parma, on September 15 in Rome, on September 22 in Milano Dante and on September 29 in Valpolicella, appointments that will also feature wine producers. “It has been 10 years of great growth and continuous challenges with many satisfactions. If we look back we have made a lot of progress but we are convinced that we still need to do and improve a lot. Surely these 10 years are just the beginning”, declares Luca Pizzighella, Signorvino sales director. Which, as mentioned, has another 15 new openings on its agenda in the two-year period 2022-2023, from Turin to Bologna, from Rimini to Southern Italy, from Poland and the Czech Republic to Paris, which will be added to the 25 Italian venues already open (some of them also during the pandemic).
“These ten years are an important first milestone that testifies to the validity of the project and the people involved. From the very beginning, Signorvino has focused on a proposal structured on multiple channels to be unique. Our growth process”, stresses Federico Veronesi, with his father Sandro Veronesi, owner of Signorvino, “did not stop even in the period of the health emergency, and now we are ready to give new continuity to the development of the brand with the opening of 10 new locations in 2022. The Signorvino brand is increasingly appreciated by fans, and this is a further stimulus to improve and consolidate our presence in Italy and also reach abroad, particularly in France and the Czech Republic in the first instance (Paris and Prague), and then continue in other countries that we consider strategic”.

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