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The Antinori family, with Tenuta di Biserno, are investing in the vineyard once again

The winery of Ilaria, Piero and Lodovico Antinori is said to have acquired 140 hectares of land in Maremma, near Castello del Terriccio

To make great wine, you need carefully managed vineyards under the strict control of the producers, planted on suitable land. An assumption that seems obvious, but that for the great wine families is almost a mission, an omnipresent mantra. Like the Antinori family, one of the names that has most marked “the Renaissance of Italian wine”. And that, in the Tenuta di Biserno, the pearl of Italian wine just a stone’s throw from Bolgheri (in the Municipality of Bibbona), has brought together under the same roof, or rather over the same vineyards, the brothers Ilaria, Piero and Lodovico, led by Niccolò Marzichi Lenzi, son of Ilaria and grandson of the two legendary producers. They continue to invest in the land and the vineyard. According to WineNews, Tenuta di Biserno has acquired a 140-hectare strip of land (15 of which are vineyards), close to another historic Tuscan wine estate, Castello del Terriccio, owned by the Rossi family in Medelana, Castellina Marittima (itself one of the largest estates in Tuscany and Italy, 1,500 hectares in Maremma with a view of the sea, in Castellina Marittima, with 65 hectares of international vines). A long strip of land, the one that would be purchased by the Antinori, with Tenuta di Biserno, which, from the hills reaches the sea, in one of the most beautiful and uncontaminated territories of Italy.
For what would be a further project for the growth of the Tenuta di Biserno and the wine project of Piero and Lodovico Antinori, among the men who have most influenced the success of Italian wine in the world. Separately, Piero, at the helm of Marchesi Antinori, making it today one of the most important and prestigious companies in the world, and Lodovico, with the invention in 1981 of Ornellaia and Masseto. But then, together, with the creation, in the early eighties, of the terroir of Bolgheri, where Piero Antinori brought success to Guado al Tasso (in addition, of course, to the other estates, in the best territories of Italy, ed), and Lodovico Antinori affirmed Ornellaia and Masseto. These are icon estates of international enology and the cradles of some of the most highly rated wines in the world, the fruit of Bordeaux grapes transplanted to Tuscany. And then again, together (and this is recent history), with the Tenuta di Biserno, in Bibbona, and its great wines, starting with Lodovico, one of the most famous in Italy and the world, a rare and surprising blend, produced only in a few vintages, of Cabernet Franc, a small percentage of Petit Verdot and in some vintages also with Merlot, alongside the equally famous Biserno.
Among the most prestigious realities of Italian wine, with top ratings from all the world’s most influential critics, the Tenuta di Biserno, with its almost 100 hectares and a production of around 160,000 bottles, is now also the winery that, directed by his nephew Niccolò Marzichi Lenzi, marks the de facto “recomposition” of a family that has been creating wines since 1385, and that evidently has no intention of stopping. That Antinori family, which, in this case, brings together the three brothers: Ilaria, Piero and Lodovico.

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