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The United Kingdom loves wine, more than beer: the survey carried out by YouGov

In the last 12 months, 33 million Britons have consumed wine. Most beloved? On the podium dry white, full-bodied red and the very Italian Prosecco
In the UK, wine is more popular than beer. Prosecco on the podium

Dry white wine, full-bodied red and the very Italian Prosecco: on the podium of the alcoholic drinks most loved by British consumers there is a bit of everything, including the tricolor component. The ranking of the 10 most popular types of wine in the UK market was lined up by YouGov, who, as we read in The Drinks Business, surveyed a sample of 2,000 consumers, showed that, among the adults who have consumed alcohol in the last 12 months, the wine was chosen by 81% of respondents, followed by beer, at 79%, and historically the symbol of Anglo-Saxons, as well as spirits, at 79%. In practice, 33 million people in the UK have consumed wine in the last year. This shows, first of all, that wine has essentially taken off the label of drink for “rich”, becoming instead a symbol of consumers of the “middle class” and the lower class.
In addition to the numbers and trends, YouGov’s research, therefore, puts the most chosen and beloved wines in line with the majority of consumers: as mentioned above, the highest step on the podium is dry white, loved by 41% of those interviewed, with Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio as flag bearers. Immediately behind it are the full-bodied reds, often chosen by 38% of the interviewees, with a particular preference for Malbec and Shiraz. And on the lowest step of the podium, the most famous and beloved Italian bubbles in the world, those of Prosecco: in the last year, 37% of British consumers have chosen tricolor bubbles, far exceeding the Champagne, at position no. 4 with 24%. In fifth place, there is also red wine, not full-bodied, such as Pinot Noir, chosen by 23% of respondents, while at position no. 6 is the rosé, which in the United Kingdom, as well as in markets around the world, is carving out its space: here, already represents a share of the market equal to 22% of respondents. The versatile and international Chardonnay (with 17%) closes the ranking at no. 7, and the British bubbles and dry rosé, both at 16%, are equal to position no. 8 and 9.

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