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The Veronesi family (Calzedonia and Signorvino) wine producer with Tenimenti Leone

30 hectares of vineyards in Lazio. Federico Veronesi: “we believe in the wine of Lazio, which has a lot to say and to give. We bet on Doc Roma”

“We found ourselves managing land almost by accident, six years ago. Then we met with local people and producers, and decided to plant vines and produce wine, Lazio can give and say much more than it has up to now. And so Tenimenti Leone was born, in Lanuvio”. Words, to WineNews, of Federico Veronesi, head of Signorvino and son of Sandro Veronesi, patron of the Calzedonia group. One of the great families of Italian business, linked to wine with the Signorvino chain of wine shops, and now also as a wine producer. “It’s a project that was born over time, and that until today we have always kept a bit private, also to calmly understand the territory that hosts us, to compare ourselves with those who live it first. We have planted 30 hectares of vines, both with native and international varieties, the potential at full capacity is 300,000 bottles, and only now, after some winemaking, the first bottles are arriving on the market”.
Whites and reds under the IGP Lazio, and wines such as Roma Capoccia, white and red, under the Doc Roma, “which is relatively young because it was born a few years ago, compared to other historic denominations, but has great potential for its link to the “Eternal City”, and is very recognizable in the world. We believe in it - explains Veronesi - as we believe in teamwork in the territory. There are many examples of success, I am thinking of how Ferrari has driven the success of many small producers of Trentodoc. Obviously, I am not comparing our company to a company like Ferrari, but the message is that if some people start to invest in a certain direction in a territory, and then others follow and team up, with patience, results will come. And we want to commit ourselves in the first person in the promotion of Lazio’s wines”.

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