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The wine market in Modern Distribution in 2021 reaches 3 billion euros: + 2.1%

Preview “Iri for Vinitaly”: Chianti, Lambrusco and Montepulciano d’Abruzzo on the podium. The top denominations are growing, from Amarone to Brunello

The wine market in Modern Distribution, in 2021 recorded positive and interesting trends, closing the year with a total turnover of 3 billion euros, up 2.1% in value, despite a decrease in volumes sold by 2.2%. excellent performance of denomination wines (Docg, Doc and Igt), which grew by 1.8% in volume and 5.9% in value, with an average price of 5.55 euros: emerges from the anticipated data from the “Iri for Vinitaly” research which will be presented on 11 April with the representatives of Conad, Coop, Carrefour, Federvini and Unione Italiana Vini – Uiv (conference n.18 on wine and modern distribution at Vinitaly, Verona, April 10-13).
Returning to the numbers, the total wine suffered a marked decline in formats other than 0.75 bottle (bottles, brick, plastic, bag in box) which influenced the general data. The performance of the bubbles is remarkable, growing in volume by 17.9% and in value by 20%. However, it should be emphasized that wine sales in Modern Distribution in 2021 benefited from a first two months still marked by a semi-lockdown, and therefore from an advantage over other channels. The ranking of best.selling wines sees at the top the traditional triad Chianti, Lambrusco, Montepulcinao d’Abruzzo, with each type selling between 10 and 15 million liters, but with a decline in Lambrusco (-6.7% by volume and -5.7% in value) and a good starting point for Chianti (+3.7% in volume and + 5.4% in value). The growth of Vermentino is impressive, the fifth best-selling wine with a growth of 21.9% in volume and 25.5% in value. Primitivo from Puglia increases its sales in volume by 5.2% and 11% in value, Emilian Pignoletto by 5.6% in volume and 2.6% in value, and Veneto Valpolicella by 15.9 % by volume and 16.9% by value (including Valpolicella Ripasso).
The Ranking of “emerging” wines, that is, which recorded a greater growth rate in volume in 2021, sees Lugana, produced between Veneto and Lombardy, on the podium with an increase of 34% the Venetian Amarone della Valpolicella (+32%) and Valpolicella Ripasso (+26%), the Nebbiolo, both from Piedmont and Lombardy (+22%), the Ribolla del Friuli Venezia Giulia (+19%), the Sagrantino di Montefalco (+16%) and the Brunello di Montalcino (+13%). The ranking of the bubbles with the highest volume sales rate is also interesting: the first place goes to Moscato, which grows by 29%, Prosecco does not stop (+22%), Fragolino up to +16%, Muller Thurgau +15%, Asti +14% and Brachetto +12%.
At Vinitaly 2022 on April 11 Iri will present the complete data of its research, as well as data on the wine market in Modern Distribution in the first two months and in the first half of March 2022. Data that are announced in negative territory, but only due to the comparison with the first two months of 2021 are still very influenced by the pandemic. The trend in bottle prices will also be illustrated which, in the first two months of 2022, did not show significant differences, but the consequences of the increases in energy costs and raw materials and the Ukrainian conflict will have to be evaluated.

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