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“Wine: A Graphic History”, the comic-strip story of wine, from antiquity to the present day...

A modern and different journey in the wine culture, which is the culture of civilization, from quotations in the Bible to the invention of the bottle

The drink of the Gods par excellence, from the most ancient religions to the most modern, from the ancient Greeks to the Romans, mentioned in the Bible, and produced in monasteries and churches in the Middle Ages, up to the cultural and traditional value of today: the history of wine, which is also that of culture and civilization, told amusingly and originally, especially with a language that young people like, that of comics. This is how “Wine: A Graphic History” by wine expert Benoist Simmat was born and with illustrations by Daniel Casanave (published by Selfmadehero), which traces the history of wine, from its origins in the Mediterranean to today’s globalized industry, ranging from innovations that have marked its long history, from aging in oak barrels to the invention of the bottle. A fresh and different look at the culture of good drinking, which has its roots in antiquity.

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