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Wine and cycling: Giro d’Italia and Brunello, in the name of passion and excellence

The “Brunello Wine Stage”, will be held on May 19th, across the dirt roads and the vineyards that make Montalcino great and beautiful
Francesco Moser, Fabrizio Bindocci and Davide Cassani toast Brunello and Giro d'Italia

“A glass of good wine, but no more, is suitable in the diet of an athlete or professional cyclist…” as the national cycling coach Davide Cassani told WineNews. All the more reason then, for a stage of the Giro d’Italia in the wine territories. Actually, the bicycle race has included a wine stage for the past several years, and it will be repeated in this year’s edition, too, with the “Brunello Wine Stage”, to be held on May 19th, starting from Perugia and arriving in Montalcino. The caravan will cross over legendary dirt roads and vineyards that outline the territory. Cassani himself recently presented the stage, together with the President of the Brunello di Montalcino Consortium Fabrizio Bindocci, Mauro Vegni, director of the Giro d’Italia and Francesco Moser, a living icon of Italian cycling, called "Lo Sceriffo". Moser is a world champion on road and track, winner of the Giro d'Italia in 1984 and of many Classics (he is also a wine producer, with his children, of excellent bubbles in Trentino, the Moser winery).
The Giro d’Italia is returning to Montalcino this year, after an 11- year absence. It was precisely in edition number 93 of the Giro d’Italia, when, after 220 km of dirt roads, cyclists “drenched” and their jerseys covered in mud, the weary and exhausted face of Cadel Evans, world champion at the time, superb winner, his arms in the sky at the finish line, made the world understand his amazing achievement. Evans took on a breathtaking challenge with another giant of cycling, Damiano Cunego, while Vinokourov snatched the pink jersey from “Shark” Vincenzo Nibali. The indelible emotions are still felt today, and went around the world “consecrating”, perhaps definitively, the link between the noble sport, par excellence, cycling, and the great wine territories. And, we cannot forget 1987, when Moreno Argentin was the first to cross the finish line: two cycling legends, both World Champions. The Giro d’Italia had not been back to Montalcino for 11 years, since 2010, while it had not been to Siena (where it will restart the next day from Piazza del Campo) for 35 years (1986), thanks to the commitment of the Brunello di Montalcino Consortium and the collaboration of the Montalcino and Siena Municipalities.
“As farmers and wine producers we find many similarities between us and the cycling world. We both express and arouse passion; we share efforts, patience and talent. And the results are directly proportional to the ingredients. This is the reason”, Fabrizio Bindocci president of the Brunello di Montalcino wine consortium explained, “it is a joy and an honor for us to be able to host the 2021wine stage, beyond the obvious opportunities linked to the integrated promotion of the territory that the event will create. What is even more meaningful is the message of courage that the wine world, together with the Montalcino and Siena territories is contributing by being actively present in an event that unites, in this particularly complex moment”.
“Montalcino will be a truly challenging stage”, said Cassani, “as 35 of the last 70 km will be dirt roads and unforeseen accidents like a flat tire, can happen at any time. It will be one of the most beautiful and fascinating stages of the Giro”, emphasized Francesco Moser, according to whom, “the dirt roads are similar to those of Roubaix: falls, accidents and flat tires, anything can happen”.
“The Brunello Wine Stage will narrate excellence, not only linked to Brunello, but also to one of the most beautiful areas in Italy”, added Mauro Vegni, director of the Giro d’Italia. “There is so much to tell: landscape, art as well as sports and cycling. The stage brings many values with it and it is well designed. The most interesting part is the dirt road sections. It will be special for the athletes, as having dirt roads within this Giro d’Italia is certainly something to be valued. From a cycling point of view, Montalcino in 2010 was the stage most visited by users. It represented something new and was highly appreciated. I think this stage will be able to also re-launch tourism of bicycles and dirt roads”.

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