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Wine and tennis, the partnership between the Barolo Damilano brand and Elina Svitolina

The finesse of Barolo on the one hand, the beauty of a backhand on the other: elegance at the center of the short film by Marco Ponti
Paolo Damilano with director Marco Ponti and tennis player Elina Svitolina

Hard work, sacrifice, passion: in tennis as in the vineyard, to become world champions and to produce the king of wines, Barolo, are essential characteristics. The partnership between the Langhe Damilano brand and Elina Svitolina, a Ukrainian tennis player at the top of the WTA ranking and new testimonial of the La Morra company, was born from many points of contact, keywords and common sensations. The watchword is “elegance”, the one expressed by good wine and a backhand in the salient moment of a match, declined in film spot signed by the film director Marco Ponti, who for two days directed Svitolina among the rows and barrels of the Damilano winery, in La Morra. In the short film will be the rows of the co-stars of the story, in a story that represents the life of the tennis player, made of hard training, which requires humility and sacrifice, strength, method and patience in repeating shots, just like life in the vineyard, which requires hard work, precision, care, method and patience. Two different worlds, united by three keywords: determination, tenacity, and conviction.
“We chose to invest in tennis because it fully represents the values of our wine. Svitolina, in particular, is the face of elegance, composure, and commitment that best embodies the passion and work that we put into producing one of the best wines in the world, Barolo Svitolina is an exceptional player, there are similar characteristics between her tennis and our way of making wines,” says Paolo Damilano, at the helm of the company (40 hectares between La Morra, Barolo, Castiglione, and Cannubi) with his brother Mario and his cousin Guido. “For a tennis fan, spending a few days with a champion like Elina is a special joy. If it’s a question of telling the story of the relationship between Elina and excellence like Damilano, then the mission becomes even more interesting. What I want to tell is the portrait of a smart girl who works with an exceptional sponsor,” adds director Marco Ponti.

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