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Wine, the “World Top Exports” portal country-by-country study reveals a “fluid” world market

France and Italy are at the top for values and wine trade balance. The US and the UK have the worst “balance sheet”
The “World Top Exports” portal country-by-country study reveals a “fluid” world market

There are numerous signs that the world wine market is changing rather quickly. For example, the fact that of the top 15 exporting countries in terms of value, there are countries in which essentially no wine production exists. And, the growth percentage in these countries has, furthermore, been higher in recent years, such as the Netherlands (+47.6% between 2014 and 2018), Hong Kong (+ 37.4%), Australia (which is the fourth largest exporting country in value, + 28.3%) and Singapore (+10.8%). The study of the specialized portal “World Top Exports”, which analyzed the dollar performances of the main wine markets in 2018, revealed these figures.
On the exported value level, the duo France-Italy are still confirmed the leaders, as these two countries alone move half of the world exports. France is number one at 11 billion dollars (29.5% of the total), ahead of Italy at 7.3 billion dollars (19.6%). Following these two, but at a distance, in terms of value, are Spain (3.5 billion dollars), Australia (2.2 billion), Chile (2 billion), the United States (1.4 billion dollars), Germany and New Zealand (1.2 billion dollars each). The value of wine exported from Portugal is a little under one billion (952 million dollars), then Argentina (824), the United Kingdom (823), South Africa (783), and again Singapore (503 million dollars), Hong Kong (436 million dollars) and the Netherlands (390 million dollars). The data of imported wines, which are then re-exported by countries where wine production is zero or marginal, compared to economic values, is a sign of how the world wine market is becoming, literally more and more “fluid”.
The wine trade balance analysis of the various countries is also quite interesting, especially right now when, based on this aspect we have began talking again about protectionist barriers and duties. The country that has the largest positive balance is France, at 9.9 billion dollars (+5% from 2014), still ahead of Italy at 6.9 billion dollars (+ 8.3%), Spain at 3 (+0.7%), Chile at 2 (+ 7.7%) and Australia at 1.5 (+ 42.8%). The worst balance, on the other hand, comes from the United States, at -5 billion dollars (and a deficit growth of 21.3% from 2014), the United Kingdom, at -3.5 billion dollars, China (-2.49), then Canada and Germany (-1.9 billion dollars).

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