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6.4 billion euros for Italian wine exports in 2019 (+3.2% on 2018), according to ISTAT data

WineNews analysis: the USA is doing well, Germany is stable, the UK has dropped. Russia, Canada, France and China are growing
6.4 billion euros for Italian wine exports in 2019 (+3.2% on 2018), according to ISTAT

It is quite apparent, unfortunately, that 2020 has already started out to be a very tough year for everyone, including wine. There is, however, a bit of consolation coming from the very recent past: 2019. Though it was filled with a thousand challenges, primarily the trade wars between the USA, China and the EU, it registered yet another record, and an increase in growth. According to ISTAT data, 6.4 billion euros is the year total for Italian wine exports, up +3.2% compared to 2018. Perhaps it is not a giant leap forward, but it is at least some more consecutive growth, to be welcomed positively, in the particularly complicated picture. The United States, at 1.54 billion euros (+ 5.5%), is again confirmed the number one market in value for Italian wine, ahead of Germany, stable at 1 billion euros. Then the United Kingdom, at 770 million euros in imports, and it is the only one of the major markets to record a rather significant drop, to -5.1%. Switzerland did well, at 381 million euros (+1.6%), Canada grew to 341 million euros (+2.4%), and France also jumped forward, which is a market worth 202 million euros (+6.3%) for Italy. Among the other leading economies in the world, Russia did well, importing 130 million euros in Italian wines, registering a huge jump of 20.4%, and China also showed some movement, growing 5.4%, for 133.6 million euros.
Overall, it is a positive picture, which will be almost impossible, save for a miracle, to replicate in 2020. This year started out with the unknowns of the US and Brexit tariffs, and then plummeted due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which is in constant evolution.

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