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870 billion euros spent in one year by EU families on alcoholic beverages, restaurants, and hotels

That is what Eurostat figures say. 300 euros per inhabitant spent on glasses and pints, for catering and accommodation 1,400 euros
870 billion euros spent in one year by EU families

The great figure of €870 billion: this is the amount spent by European families on catering, hotels and alcoholic beverages in 2017, according to the latest data from Eurostat, waiting to know how it went economically in 2018, and trying to find out how it will be in 2019, according to the European static institute. In 2017, EU families have spent 130 billion euros on the consumption of alcoholic beverages (excluding those in hotels and restaurants), 1.6% of their total expenditure on consumption, equivalent to 0.9% of the gross domestic product of the Union, or 300 euros per inhabitant.
Estonia (5.2% of consumer spending), Latvia (4.9%) and Lithuania (4.5%) are the countries where, in percentage, the most is spent to fill pints and goblets, while at the bottom of the ranking there are Italy (0.9%), Greece (0.9%) and Spain (0.8%).
For restaurants and hotels, on the other hand, European families spent 8.8% of their budget, or 4.8% of EU GDP, or 1,400 euros per inhabitant.
The countries in which you spend the most, in percentage are Malta (over 20%), Cyprus (around 18%) and Spain (on 17%), on the other hand, below 5% of total spending, there are Lithuania, Poland and Romania (while Italy is in eighth place, behind Greece, Ireland, Austria, and Portugal), with a share of just over 10% of the family budget.

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