Allegrini 2018

A colorful design item, the Halo Giga lamp illuminates the vineyards of the Tenuta del Buonamico

The light installation by Studio Mandalaki refers to color schemes found in nature, such as sunrise or sunset

It is very colorful, ranging from red/orange to an intense blue, as well as being elegant and lightweight. It has been designed for outdoor spaces as well as for closed in spaces, and it is almost 2 meters in height. It can be rotated to 90 degrees and projects a circular light up to 10 meters in diameter at night and during the day, radiating various colors that refer to those found in nature, such as at sunrise or at sunset. Furthermore, it is, perhaps, the first lamp to be placed in an Italian vineyard. The encounter between wine and, this time, design, has generated the idea of ​​Halo Giga, an evocative light installation of Studio Mandalaki in Milan’s Origin project, which is illuminating the vineyards at the Tenuta del Buonamico, in the Montecarlo DOC in Tuscany, dedicated to the link between man and nature.
“We have decided to place this permanent light installation first outdoors, right in the center of our business and our wine resort. Then, in the future, we will move it to the silent womb of the winery to remind our guests, and all those who come to visit us, of our strong bond to the earth and to the dawn of our history. It radiates a luminous circle with warm and lively tones that refer back to the heat of the sun, the source of life, and to fire, one of man’s greatest discoveries”, Eugenio Fontana, at the head of the Estate, explained, “narrating how the work of the winemaker is not only inseparably linked to the land, but also how it is a form of art that is intertwined with the creativity of a sophisticated design”.

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