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A fortune in oil and numerous investments of his passion, wine, in Tuscany

WineNews interviewed Alejandro Bulgheroni, one of the richest men in the world and wine producer in Chianti Classico, Montalcino and Bolgheri
WineNews interviewed Alejandro Bulgheroni, Argentinean oil entrepreneur and wine producer

He made his fortune worth over 3 billion dollars thanks to oil, and his passion for wine has led him to invest in “his own country” Argentina, in Uruguay, Bordeaux and above all in Italy. Rather, actually, in Tuscany, and specifically in three of its most important territories: Chianti Classico, Montalcino and Bolgheri. In only a few years he has invested 120 million euros, for a total of 330 hectares of vineyards. This is the path that Alejandro Bulgheroni, one of the 1000 richest men in the world according to Forbes, and world wide wine producer, especially in the Grand Duchy, Tuscany. “The journey started in Uruguay in 2006-2007, when I met the Tuscan wine maker Alberto Antonini, who was the first to spark interest in me, and then passion”, Bulgheroni told WineNews, “for the wine world. So much so that, on one hand, I shall continue to work hard in the oil world, but I will also continue to work hard in the wine sector”. And his particular focus, as mentioned, is Tuscany, where he owns the historic Dievole, in Chianti Classico, Poggio Landi, in Montalcino, as well as Tenuta le Colonne and Tenuta Meraviglia in Bolgheri.

“Tuscany is the right place to invest in wine and land. When I arrived here and I began to know it better, I knew I had made the right decision. Clearly Antonini, who is Tuscan, directed me to Tuscany, and we produce great, fantastic wines here. In the next 3-5 years I will invest more in the properties we already have, but for the future we will see”. If you then ask Bulgheroni which territory he would like to invest in again, his choice is still Chianti Classico. “We have Dievole, which is a territory I love a lot. We are working to produce wines of higher and higher quality, but we are also working to grow in hospitality, because we are convinced that tourists and fans around the world should come to experience these areas directly, which I believe is the right path for everyone: for us, for travelers and for those who live in the area”. Bulgheroni is certainly not the only one to have made a fortune in a sector other than agriculture and wine, and then consequently to have invested in land. “It is something I would recommend to others, and there are already many entrepreneurs, in Argentina, as well as in the United States, who are already doing it”.
One of the interesting things that characterize Bulgheroni’s investment path in Italy, is the recovery of the abandoned quarry in Cariola, in the Municipality of Castagneto Carducci, which, following extensive reconstruction work and an investment of 15 million euros, will become the winery of the Bolgheri estates. The project was carried out in synergy with the collaboration of institutions, starting with the Tuscany Region, and establishing a relationship between business and public administration that is not always easy.
“It is difficult to do business in many places, but not in Italy”, according to Bulgheroni, “we need people who want to collaborate. But, if you do what is good for the environment, for the territory, and for business, and you meet reasonable people, there are no problems, which is what we have experienced”.

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