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A “liquid treasure” of 7-7.5 billion euros of PDO and PGI wines in Italian wineries

WineNews estimates, on Ismea and Icqrf data, between stocks and quotations. Prosecco (between DOC and DOCG) over 1 billion euros
A “liquid treasure” of 7-7.5 billion euros of PDO and PGI wines in Italian wineries

It starts with a “liquid treasury” with an estimated value of 7-7.5 billion euros for the production in 2018 of Italian denomination wine. This is the figure, for approximation, that emerges from the WineNews analysis, which has cross-referenced data on cellar stocks as at 31 December 2018, disclosed by the Ministry of Agriculture, with the bulletin “Cantina Italia” n. 22, on data from the electronic register, and the latest quotations of PDO and PGI wines of Ismea, updated to November 2018. Thus, with an average yield of 170 euros per hectolitre for PDO wines of Italy (29 million hectoliters are planted in the cellars of Italy), and around 80 euros for PGI wines (14.9 million hectoliters), the bill is ready very soon.
It should be noted that this is an estimate, and not a precise statistical data, and also considering that the Ismea quotations are the original prize of the cellar, excluding VAT and referring to the last vintage on the market, while the telematic register takes into account what is in the winery, including the product of previous years.
An analysis that, however, can give an idea of the economic weight of Italian wine on the territories, on a production level, with absolute samples. Starting, of course, from the Prosecco world which, considering Ismea and Icqrf data, has a production value of more than 1 billion Euros, between the more than 800 million Euros estimated in the cellar for Prosecco Doc (4.5 million hectolitres for a price of 177 Euros per hectolitre) and the 250 million Euros for Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Docg (1.02 million hectolitres for 245 Euros per hectolitre).
Among the red wines, if the single name “richer” is that of Brunello di Montalcino, with a value estimated at over 407 million euros in the cellar (375,492 hectoliters for 1,085 euros per hectolitre), the Valpolicella stand out, with 340 million euro attributable to the 398,218 hectoliters of Amarone (which, according to the quotations of the Chamber of Commerce of Verona, travels between 800 and 900 euros per hectolitre), and 133 of Valpolicella (569,733 hectoliters for 234 euros per hectolitre), and the Langhe, with the 388 million euros of Barolo (511.461 hectoliters for 760 euros per hectolitre) and the 72 million euros of Barbaresco (143.133 hectoliters for 510 euros per hectolitre), to stay on the most famous denominations.

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