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A visit to the winery in augmented reality: the “Banfi Experience”, among the rows of Brunello

The project of Castello Banfi. An app that allows the virtual visit in 3D, from home, and the use of multimedia content “in presence”

In an era in which the lives of all of us are divided between “physical” experiences and digital tools, the pandemic has intensified this intertwining, with a stronger presence than ever of the virtual that, in part, will remain no longer as a necessity, but as an opportunity, even when the Covid is only a memory. As has been done, among others, by one of the leading companies of Italian wine and the territory of Montalcino, Castello Banfi of the Mariani family, which has launched its “Banfi Experience”. An app, usable via smartphone or with a simple 3D viewer, which allows you to “visit” vineyards and cellars even from home, in a virtual way, or to enrich the direct experience among the rows of vines surmounted by the historic Castle of Poggio alle Mura with the tools of “augmented reality”.
The user can enjoy different experiences: a journey from the vineyards to the winery, to the harvesting and sorting of grapes, and much more, remotely, but also by actually visiting the estate (as thousands of wine lovers from all over the world do every year) with an innovative tour, which combines the real experience enriching it with virtual contents. The visitor, by framing the markers placed in the different areas, will see on his smartphone the scene come to life, and will be able to live, for example, the magical moments of the grape harvest at any time of the year.
”We are particularly proud of this ambitious project, which will allow the world of wine to be experienced at 360 degrees throughout the year”, says Rodolfo Maralli, Sales & Marketing Director of Banfi. “Banfi had the courage to dare and explore a new territory: a winning choice that will certainly have interesting developments in the future”. And to make the Banfi Experience even more complete and multisensory, the app (available for both Android and iOS) allows direct access to the Spotify playlist “Play the Banfi Experience” and enter the Banfi mood. With Banfi Experience, the Montalcino-based company had already experimented with augmented reality to give life to the labels of La Pettegola Limited Edition 2020 (designed by Riccardo Guasco) and 2021 (designed by Elena Salmistraro). The project was carried out by Publifarm, a communication agency specialized in digital and augmented reality projects, with which the winery has been collaborating for years.

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