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Alternative capital, Offida Winery has issued a short-term mini bond worth 500.000 euros

To continue growing, even Italian wine companies are moving more and more towards private capital and high-level partnerships
The Offida Winery in Offida, the Marche Region

To continue growing, especially in an international perspective, even Italian wine companies are turning more and more towards private capital and high-level partnerships. The most recent case history in order of time is that of the company Cantina Offida SRL, backed by the Cosvim Group, which has issued a first short-term mini bond for a maximum of 500.000 euros, and this is the road more and more Italian wine companies are taking to access capital. The financial tool was quoted on the ExtraMot pro of the Italian Stock Exchange, and totally booked on the first day of the offer by the winery headed by Walter and Massimiliano Bartolomei - one of the best known wineries in the Piceno Marches that every year makes wine from 60.000 quintals of local varieties of grapes in the territory - and will expire in June 2019.
The financial operation took place following a 3 million euro mini bond approved by Anthilia funds and issued by the Velenosi brand, which is led by the wine producer Angela Velenosi. Further, one of the largest wineries, the Moncaro Cooperative, has finalized an increase in capital with its financial partner the Swedish company Winemarket Nordic AB, which has joined the cooperative and endorsed an 18% stake. Additionally, at the end of the year, the historic Sicilian winery Tasca d'Almerita issued a mini bond worth 3 million euros together with Iccrea BancaImpresa to support growth on international projects. Wine and finance are getting closer and closer.
The Cosvim Group, which has backed Cantina Offida for years, has committed to proposing alternative financial channels to encourage the implementation of corporate development projects for SMEs and “ has now created an infrastructure to allow financial collection directly from the financial markets. It is not a question of replacing banks”, stated the Group, “but rather of integrating the necessary debt capital with these new forms of finance, especially moving towards mini bonds that have limited costs and short deadlines”.

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