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Amarone della Valpolicella, the market awards the values, which grow in Italy and in the world

The Nomisma Wine Monitor research for the Consortium of Valpolicella: the “ex-cellar” business rises to 360 million euros
Amarone della Valpolicella, the market awards the values, che crescono in Italia

Volumes are down but values for Amarone sales are growing in Italy and around the world in 2022. The United States, the foreign market of reference, surpassed the other 2 top buyers (Canada and Switzerland). Overall, according to the survey carried out for the Consortium of Valpolicella wines by Nomisma Wine Monitor and released today at “Amarone Opera Prima 2023”, the king of Valpolicella sets his latest performance with a contraction in the volume of 7.2%. The domestic market – which affects 40% of total sales – is better than exports: both volumes (+1.5%) and values (7.4%) are positive for the Italian market; -13%, instead, the quantity exported and a values growth of 1.8%.
“2021 was an exceptional year in terms of sales - said the president of the Valpolicella wines Consortium, Christian Marchesini - 2022 served to consolidate growth, yielding less dramatic but still significant results. The bottlings also testify to this, with a 12% increase over the previous pre-covid year (2019) for a commercial year that was, in any case, the second best of the decade, with over 17 million bottles sold. The denomination - he continued - is confirmed in balance, thanks to a stabilization finally achieved on the front of the vineyard area following the plant block in 2019”. The United States ranks first in terms of export value, with a 24% increase and a 14% increase in cross-border sales. Closely followed by Canada - which rises in value by 16% - and Switzerland (+2%). Among the outlet markets, the UK is slightly decreasing (-2%), Germany is declining drastically (-15%), and Sweden is still increasing (+6%). Emerging China begins with +22%, while Denmark slows to -7%.
“The growth of Amarone on the national market is primarily linked to the recovery of consumption out-of-home, particularly in the restaurant industry, which benefited from the return of foreign tourists, which increased by more than 90% in the first ten months of 2022 compared to the same period the previous year”, underlines Denis Pantini, Head of Wine Monitor of Nomisma.

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