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Amarone, the Court of Venice closes the Valpolicella controversy

WineNews Rumors: Court of Appeal would have confirmed 2017 judgment that forced Famiglie Storiche to remove references to Amarone
The terraced vineyards of Valpolicella

The Court of Appeal of the Court of Venice, in recent days, has put an end to the long-standing controversy over the use of the name “Amarone” between the Consorzio Vini della Valpolicella and the Famiglie Storiche that, since 2009, group together 13 of the most important historic wineries of the name: Allegrini, Begali, Brigaldara, Guerrieri Rizzardi, Masi, Musella, Speri, Tedeschi, Tenuta Sant'Antonio, Tommasi, Torre d'Orti, Venturini and Zenato.
The appeal sentence, from the rumours collected by WineNews, would have confirmed that of October 2017 in favor of the Consortium, which ordered the “Famiglie dell'Amarone d'Arte” (this at the time the name of the group, ed), among other things, to remove from the company name any reference to all or part of the Docg Amarone della Valpolicella, including the word Amarone, ascertained the invalidity of the relevant Italian trademark and prohibited its use, also ordering its removal from bottles of wine, and had prevented the group from carrying out promotional activities with the object of Amarone della Valpolicella referring to an Amarone d'Arte and/or a different specification from that of production.
The sentence - always according to rumors, since there are no official communications from either side - would also unlock the adjournments granted by the judgment of first instance to the Famiglie Storiche, obliging them to publish the judgment in major newspapers nationwide, and to pay damages for improper use of the collective mark protected by the Consorzio Vini della Valpolicella.

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