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Amo Wine, an e-commerce of wine that focuses on social justice

Equal opportunities, reduction of inequalities and job placement for people with disabilities or disadvantaged around online sales
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Amo Wine

Amo Wine is the wine marketplace that offers a wide-ranging selection of the topmost Italian and foreign wines, through wine bars, the integration of IT skills, digital marketing, communication, logistics, management, customer experience and customer care. It is an e-commerce of wine that places the values of social justice, equal opportunities, and the reduction of inequalities right at the center of its initiatives. Further, its ultimate goal is to promote social projects and environmental enhancement, as well as provide job placements for disadvantaged people or those with disabilities, at a quota of 30% of workers, thereby putting a social need in contact with a market demand. I Love Wine is an innovative model, which will create a network through selecting quality products to achieve social purposes, and consequently, it will have a positive impact on the community, economically as well as socially through innovation, working in partnerships, promoting participation and involvement. The focal point, evidently, is wine, as it is the element that has a profound cultural, social, and historical value, which is deeply linked to the territory, and that strongly identifies our civilization.

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