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“Audace”, Prosecco Doc Trieste Serena Wines 1881 and Parovel 1898 aged under water

6,492 bottles immersed 20 meters deep in the Gulf of Trieste, cradled for 4 months by the Bora and Scirocco

Refining Prosecco Doc Trieste in its Gulf, using the experience of a large group such as Serena Wines 1881 and the inspiration of a company from Karst such as Parovel 1898: it is the dream, that came true, by two families of friends historically dedicated to wine production. It is called “Audace”, and it is a journey that from the hills of the Karst, 4 months ago, brought 6,492 bottles of Prosecco Doc Trieste to a depth of 20 meters in the Gulf of Trieste to refine and mature, with extraordinarily particular parameters: the temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen concentration, the presence of phosphates, silicates, nitrites, nitrates, and chlorophyll. All these natural parameters change with the seasons and with the passage of the winds, guaranteeing the wine uniqueness of taste and character. The Bora and the Scirocco generate important sub-inertial oscillations that contribute to the continuous movement of the bottles and this continuous cradling has led to a unique and extraordinary evolution. In a small area of 67 square meters, in state concession, on the seabed in Punto Franco Nuovo this underwater cellar has been created which housed 14 steel cases for 4 months. The only ones to check the refinement were the fish, molluscs, starfish and some diving experts who checked the integrity of the bottles.

Curiously, the year of the first “Underwater Wine” bottles represents two important anniversaries, coincidences which are revealed in the first steps of the project: in 1821 (200 years from the 2021 harvest in underwater refinement) along the Trieste coast, Prosecco was produced for the first time with the traditional method of refermentation in the bottle. In 1922 (100 years ago), the San Carlo pier changed its name to “Audace” in memory of the landing of the first Italian military ship, the famous destroyer.

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