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Brexit: no duties on Italian wine, even if it’s a no-deal, said the UK Ambassador, Morris

Yesterday in Rome, the meeting with representatives of the industry, who are thinking of reorganizing the PDO and PGI system, and more
UK Ambassador to Italy Jill Morris reassures wine producers about Brexit

However the Brexit issue unfolds in the UK market, there will be no new duties on Italian wines (Great Britain is Italy’s third partner country in value and volume). Jill Morris, the United Kingdom Ambassador to Italy reassured the Italian wine producers during the meeting held at the national headquarters of the Italian farmers’ confederation, Confagricoltura in Rome, where the presidents of the various organizations of the Italian wine chain, i.e., Confagricoltura, Cia, Aci - Alliance of Agri-food Cooperatives, Copagri, Unione Italiana Vini, Federvini, Federdoc and Assoenologi, met with the UK Ambassador.
“The choice of British citizens to leave the European institutions should not be seen as a sign of closure, nor as an action to undermine the harmony of the free market”, stated the Ambassador, “the work of the British Government and the negotiators is aimed at limiting the effects of this shift on citizens and on the productive sector, and we are committed to ensuring that unnecessary and harmful barriers to international trade are not included. We will continue to promote and respect the rules and values of multilateralism and free trade. Specifically, thus, in the wine sector, we understand the concerns of producers, but I want to confirm that the United Kingdom, even in the event of an exit without agreement from the European Union (the so-called no-deal), will not apply duties to wines imported from Italy”.

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