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California, Florida and Texas are the states that consume the most wine overseas

The United States, despite a -5.3% drop in exports over 2022, remains the main market for bottles made in Italy
The U.S. confirms itself as one of the leading countries for global wine consumption

Despite a -5.3% drop in value over 2022, the United States remains the most important country for Italian wine exports, with 1.76 billion euros (Istat data, analyzed by WineNews): California, Florida and Texas are the states that consume the most wine, according to Vinepair.
California, which boasts among all states the largest population and the most vineyards, consumed more than 155 million gallons (one gallon equals 3.8 liters, ed.) in 2021. In second place was Florida, with 83.2 million gallons, and in third place was Texas, with 65.6 million gallons. At the opposite end of the ranking are South Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming, which drink the least amount of wine overall, with only 1.2 million gallons in a year.
In total, in 2021, Americans drank more than 935 million gallons of wine, according to new data from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism (Niaaa). So, despite gloomy predictions regarding the global wine industry, the U.S. still loves wine, so much so that, in 2021, it imported as much as 456 million gallons, or 17 percent of total imports worldwide.
Looking at the data on a territorial scale, the South drinks the most wine in terms of volume, with just under 318 million gallons consumed in 2021 alone. In contrast, Midwestern Americans drank the least wine overall, consuming only 164 million gallons in the same year. This region also consumed the least amount of wine per capita, with 0.37 gallons per resident, while Americans on the West Coast - the region home to the most wineries in the United States - drank 0.54 gallons per capita.
But it is Americans in Washington D.C. who take the top spot in per capita consumption, with 1.07 gallons per person. Delaware and New Hampshire follow on the podium, with 0.8 gallons and 0.76 gallons per resident. The high ranking of both states is likely due to the lack of sales tax, which prompts drinkers from neighboring states to cross the border to take advantage of it. At the opposite end of the ranking are Virginia residents, with 0.11gallons per person.

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