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Cantina Italia: 54 million hectoliters of wine in the barrels of Italy

Wine stocks in Italian wineries according to the latest report of the Ministry of Agriculture. A quarter is in Veneto
Cantina Italia: 54 million hectolitres of wine in the barrels of Italy

As at 31 March 2020, there were 54 million hectoliters of wine in Italian cellars, 5.9 million hectoliters of must and over 260,000 hectoliters of new wine still in fermentation. According to the latest report of the Ministry of Agriculture “Cantina Italia” which records the presence of more than 54 million hectoliters of wine. A slightly lower figure than the same date in 2019, when the number of wines present in Italy was 56.3 million hectoliters, the musts were 6.5 million and 340,000 hectoliters of new wine still in fermentation.
In detail, 57.5% of the wine is physically held in the Northern Regions. In Veneto, there is a quarter of the national wine, mainly thanks to the significant contribution of the stocks of the Provinces of Treviso (10%) and Verona (9%), which hold more wine (10.4 million hectoliters) than Puglia and Sicily put together (9.2 million hectoliters). According to the telematic wine register, 51.5% of the wine held is PDO, with a prevalence of red (52.1%). 26.5% of the wine is in PGI, also in this case with a prevalence of red (55.1%), while the varietal wines held to make up only 1.3% of the total. The remaining 20.7% are table wines.
Despite a large number of designations of origin present (526), 10 denominations make up 40.8% of the total number of wines in designations of origin present, and the top 20 appellations account for more than half of the total designations of origin (57%). At a regional level, there are 13.3 million hectoliters in the Veneto wineries, 6.3 million in Emilia Romagna, 5.7 million in Tuscany and 5.6 million in Puglia. Next come Piedmont (4.3), Sicily (3.5), Abruzzo (2.9), Lombardy (2.5), Trentino Alto Adige (2.2), Friuli Venezia Giulia (2), Campania (1.1), Marche and Lazio (1), Umbria (0.6), Sardinia (0.5), Calabria, Molise and Basilicata (0.1). Liguria and Valle d’Aosta close with 63,403 and 26,490 hectoliters in the cellar respectively. For wines with Denomination and Geographical Indication, the largest stocks are those of Prosecco with 3.7 million hectoliters (8.9% of the total), the Puglia IGT (1.7 million hectoliters), the IGT Toscana (1.5) the Terre Siciliane (1.5), the Doc Sicilia (1.4) the Doc Delle Venezie (1.4), the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (1.4), the Chianti (1.3) and the IGT Salento (1.2).

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