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Chianti speaks Chinese: “Shiandi” is the trademark the DOCG Consortium has registered in China

The president of the Chianti Wine Consortium, Giovanni Busi said: “it’s a very important step to put down our roots on that market”
Si legge "Shiandi", ma è il marchio del Chianti registrato in Cina dal Consorzio del vino toscano

It is written “Shiandi”, but it is really Chianti, the biggest Italian red wine name. The Consortium has registered the DOCG trademark in Chinese characters, which will be used for wines exported to the East, on a market that is becoming more and more important for the Tuscan territory, and where the first “Chianti Academy” has just begun. The translation of the brand name has a very positive meaning, explained the Consortium. The first character used indicates an activity in favor of third parties, while the second character indicates peace and the third character used, instead, indicates the roots of a flower. “It is an historic step for the brand”, commented the president of the Chianti Wine Consortium, Giovanni Busi, “which establishes our roots in China, a country counting 1.3 billion people, and a market that has enormous potential”.

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