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Corporate welfare, also in Italy, is becoming more prevalent. And the world of wine is no exception

More companies reward and support their employees, against the cost of living. The cases (communicated), among others, of Terra Moretti and Schenk

Corporate welfare, also in Italy, is becoming more prevalent, as recounted also by the latest edition of the Welfare Index 2022 signed by the Generali Group together, among others, with Confindustria and Confagricoltura (which saw a historic winery, like Barone Ricasoli stand out, in Chianti Classico, ed.). And if we often tell of initiatives by wineries and companies that are involved in social projects, patronage, environmental protection, cultural heritage, and the territory in general, investing well beyond the boundaries of the companies themselves, more and more common for businesses in the sector to invest money in bonuses for workers and partners who, particularly in this period of skyrocketing inflation and out-of-pocket expenses like those for shopping and transportation that have an ever-greater impact, become more important and significant.
There are many companies that do it internally, without communicating it, and numerous companies that choose to share their experiences with others in order to demonstrate their commitment to the community and to inspire virtuous behavior. Like those, for example, of the Terra Moretti group, of the Moretti family, which includes wineries such as Bellavista and Contadi Castaldi in Franciacorta, Petra in Suvereto, Teruzzi in San Gimignano and Sella and Mosca in Sardinia, and led by the Moretti family together with the CEO Massimo Tuzzi, who has allocated a 500 euro bonus for all 831 collaborators of the Terra Moretti Holding (for a total investment of over 400,000 euro). Or as done by Schenk Italian Wineries, the Italian division of the Swiss group Schenk, which controls over 3,500 hectares with production cellars in Switzerland, France, Spain, and Italy (where, in addition to the headquarters in Ora, in Bolzano, it owns the “Bacio della Luna” in Vidor-Valdobbiadene, “Lunadoro” in Montepulciano and Tenute Masso Antico in Salento), and a commercial network in Germany, Belgium, and the United Kingdom, which, via CEO Daniele Simoni, announced the distribution of 180,000 euros in the form of fuel and shopping vouchers for the group’s 106 employees.
These are just two outstanding cases, communicated and disclosed, out of many possible ones. For companies in a sector whose, most valuable assets are the land and the people who animate it.

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