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Gambero Rosso, Bertani (Angelini Wines & Estates) is the “Winery of the Year 2023”

Among the “special awards” of the Guide “Vini d’Italia” 2023 also Dievole (the best red), Caprai (sustainable viticulture), and Frescobaldi (Gorgona)
Ettore Nicoletto (Bertani), Marco Caprai, Lamberto Frescobaldi, Stefano Capurso (Dievole)

In the time of guides, as by now has become a tradition, the “Tre Bicchieri” of the Guide “Vini d’Italia” 2023 by “Gambero Rosso”, considered the most important and influential on the market, comes out in dribs and drabs. And along with it, the “Special Awards”. Some of them are already official, like the most significant one, for the “Winery of the Year”, which is Bertani, a piece of history of Veneto wine and Amarone, and a jewel of the Angelini Wine & Estates group of the Angelini family, led by CEO Ettore Nicoletto. Or like the one for “Sustainable Viticulture”, which went to a true pioneer producer in this sense, Marco Caprai, who not only has relaunched Sagrantino di Montefalco and its territory with his winery, Arnaldo Caprai, but who has started to invest in research and sustainability when it was not yet talked about as much, or to most it seemed almost a habit. Other awards, yet to be announced, are for example those for the “Red wine of the Year”, which as WineNews is able to anticipate goes to the Chianti Classico Petrignano 2019 by Dievole, the historic winery today owned by the entrepreneur’s Dievole group and Argentine oilman Alejandro Bulgheroni, and led by CEO Stefano Capurso. Or like the “Solidarity Awards” that goes to “Vino di Gorgona”, a project by the historic Frescobaldi, one of the most notable and important companies in Italian wine, led by Lamberto Frescobaldi, which on the island prison of the Tuscan archipelago, for years, produces a wine thanks to a project of recovery and reintegration into the world of work together with the inmates of the Gorgona Prison.
Awards that join others, already announced in recent days, such as the one for the “Best White Wine”, which went to the Castello di Jesi Verdicchio Classico San Paolo Riserva 2019 in Pievalta, confirming the growing quality of the white wine, an emblem of the Marche, or like the one for the “Sparkling wine of the Year”, which went to a prominent territory such as Franciacorta, thanks to the Pas Dosé Parosé 2016 of “Il Mosnel”, as well as the Lombard “Rosè of the Year”, the Valtènesi Chiaretto Lettera C 2020 from the Pasini San Giovanni winery, while the “Sweet wine of the Year” arrives from Umbria, and is Orvieto Pourriture Noble 2020 of Decugnano dei Barbi. The “Cooperative of the Year” is the Apulian Due Palme, and the wine with the “Best value for money” is Abruzzo Pecorino 2021 produced by Terraviva. The “Winemaker of the Year”, however, is yet to be announced, and should be Giovanna Maccario, producer of Rossese di Dolceacqua, in Liguria, as well as the “Emerging Winery”, which should be the Lodali winery, in the Langhe, in Piedmont. The prizes will be awarded on October 15th, in Rome, in the official presentation of the guide at the Palazzo della Civiltà, for an edition that reviewed 25,421 wines from 2,626 producers, with 2,093 labels that reached the finals, and 455 awarded with the “Tre Bicchieri”, the highest recognition for quality (on the 476 in the 2022 edition).

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