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Global non-alcoholic wine business volume in 2027 will reach $10 billion

The search for well-being and healthiness pushes consumption to +7% per year. And alcohol- and sugar-free drinks, worldwide, pay less taxes
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Non-alcoholic wine

Although it may “horrify” purists, non-alcoholic wine is an increasingly solid reality - at least commercially speaking - which must be absolutely taken into account. Especially because, according to the latest report of the US marketing agency Fact.MR together with FoodBev Media, the sector will grow at a rate of +7% per year until 2027 (+99% in the same period in the online channel), touching a total turnover of 10 billion dollars, with the consumer market that continues to move with increasing conviction towards healthy products and, consequently, without alcohol. However, where is it - and where will it be - consumed all this non-alcoholic wine, produced mainly by three giants of the wine industry such as the Californian E & J Gallo, the French Castel Frères and the Australian McGuigan? In 2018 40% of consumption was in Europe, but the future is in the United States, where the annual growth rate will be as high as 8%. A trend capable of influencing the global beverage industry, which for years now, as Fact.MR’s researchers have been reshaping its supply to meet the demand for products that respect well-being and health, which is why non-alcoholic wine is emerging so strongly. Without forgetting that low-alcohol beverages, as well as those with low sugar content, enjoy enormous tax advantages over sugary and alcoholic beverages, with wine consumption worth only 11% of the alcohol market in the U.S., where in 2019, for the first time in 25 years (Iwsr data, ed) wine consumption dropped by 0.9%.

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