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Great wine and its “cathedrals” on Sky Arte: here is “B.E.V.I. - L’Arte del Vinificare”

From May 26, 10 episodes in prime time (8.45 pm). Roberto Pisoni (Sky Arte): "a series that can become our Game of Thrones”

Telling the story of wine as a work of art, wineries as new cathedrals where good and beautiful come together, places where the production of one of the most distinctive products of Italy in the world is celebrated, art, creativity and good economy, with a “prime time” TV series, which starts now, from May, with a first season but it is already working on a second one (which could be aired in September). On May 26th starts the airing of B.E.V.I. “(Bacche, Enologi e Vinattieri d’Italia) - L’Arte del Vinificare” (Berries, Enologists and Winemakers of Italy - The Art of Winemaking), wanted by Sky Arte, on air at 8.45 pm, for 10 consecutive Wednesdays (here the teaser). An ambitious project, “that for potential and longevity can become for Sky Arte our “Game of Thrones” (one of the most successful series ever in the world, ed.”, said the founder of the cultural channel of the Sky platform, Roberto Pisoni). An initiative of great importance for the world of wine, supported by Unicredit and WineLivery, which starts in Italy but is designed for the world (subtitled in English and already optioned by 20 other thematic and generalist channels in different countries), which sees in wine and its world the confirmation of the value “of a fundamental choice in the selection and overall proposal of Sky Arte in Italy: to invest in quality Italian productions, independent and innovative. Since its inception - reiterated Roberto Pisoni - Sky Arte has always told the story of the many resources of the international artistic heritage, with a special focus on the extraordinary Italian tradition. We have given voice to great artists, but also to emerging ones; we have shown the great places of art, but also the most unusual and less known, but no less fascinating. Now, with the B.E.V.I. series, we tell the story of our country from a new point of view: Italian wine excellence, made of tradition, innovation, contemporary architecture and masters of art appreciated all over the world”.
Starting from Franciacorta, with Cà del Bosco, the winery founded by Maurizio Zanella (and today part of the Santa Margherita Group), which has made a distinctive feature of the union between great wine and contemporary art, passing through the architecture of wine with the case histories of the Ceretto family, in the Langhe of Barolo and Barbaresco, and Masottina of the Dal Bianco family, in the lands of Prosecco Docg, going through the Sicily of wine that has been able to innovate, between art and literature, with Firriato and Donnafugata, or in Irpinia, between wine and design, with Feudi di San Gregorio, and again in Alto Adige between nature and designer wineries with Alois Lageder and Tramin, and again in Sardinia of the ancient Madrolisai, in the Apulia of Primitivo and Susumaniello with the Rubino family and in Manduria’s producers, obviously touching the Tuscany of the nobility of wine, from the Montepò Castle in Maremma, of the Biondi Santi family, to the Fonterutoli Castle, icon of Chianti Classico and of Renaissance, of the Mazzei family, telling then the relationship between women, wine and art in Umbria, with the case history of Lungarotti and of the Museum of Wine (Muvit) and of Olive and Oil (Moo), among the most important ones in the world, ending with an excursus among “Wineries, the new cathedrals”, which will mainly underline the architectural and artistic value of the wineries protagonists of this first season.
A story that “will involve the excellence of Italian wine, in breathtaking territories of an Italy agricultural to the core, yet innovative, open to a contemporaneity that cannot do without beauty and its emotions. Wine itself is, for many producers, a creation, a very personal work, the result of their own sensibility and culture”. Producing the B.E.V.I. series scheduled on Sky Arte (Sky channels 120 and 400, also on demand) is a small but prestigious brand of the Italian audiovisual industry, Artlouder of Rome, led by Federico Di Giambattista. “With Chiara Panzieri, author of this new production with an international slant but profoundly rich in Italian character, we wanted to find a new and original key in the narration of art in wine and its languages - explains Federico di Giambattista - the goal was to obtain great density and strength in the images but with lightness and authenticity in the fabric of the story, focusing on the essentiality of the message”.
The style of filming, the photography, the rhythm of the editing and the use of music constitute an inseparable unicum in the choice of identity of B.E.V.I. and in its recognizability in the cinematographic culture. Ten enjoyable episodes where the wine is revealed in the landscape, in the people, in the places, without technicalities, but in its pure expressive truth. The direction has been entrusted to Mirko Melchiorre and the photography is signed by Alessandro Pezza.
The television series B.E.V.I. has generated around the project a really important sharing, starting from the main sponsor collected by UniCredit. It married the initiative, evaluating it as perfectly in line with the processes of presiding over the territories and supply chains of Italian excellence, especially in this phase, looking forward to the restart. Sharing the B.E.V.I. project with Sky Arte and the companies involved in this first season was natural and distinctive for UniCredit, not only because of the specific aspects of the partnership created with Artlouder, but also for reasons of scenario and the relaunch of the country, supporting a strategic sector for the entire Italian economy.
To share the project also “Winelivery - The App for drinking!” - one of the successful platforms of e-commerce specialized in wine and that in recent years has marked a strong process of territorial rooting, significantly increasing the cities served but, also through this collaboration, looks carefully at the television communication of the product wine and its community. “One of Winelivery’s objectives - underlined Francesco Magro, co-founder and CEO of Winelivery - has always been to exploit its technology in order to bring its users as close as possible to the producers and realities behind every single bottle delivered to their homes. For this reason we have chosen to support the production of BEVI, capable of bringing to viewers’ homes real experiences in wineries, told by the experience of those who live and work there. We are certain that after having seen what is behind a bottle, the wines tasted will have a completely different taste”.
During the presentation, today, in Milan, also some of the producers intervened: Maurizio Zanella for Ca’ Del Bosco, Tancredi Biondi Santi for Castello di Montepò, Federico Lombardo for Monte Jato for Firriato and Chiara Lungarotti for the family winery. The message is clear to everyone: quality wine needs quality television, which has the courage to affirm a new outlook for a new vision.

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