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Here is Winechain.co, the Nft platform that connects great wineries and enthusiasts around the world

Launched by Xavier Garambois, ex-vice president of Amazon Europe, with Guillaume Jourdan (VitaBella) and Nicolas Mendiharat (Palate Club)
Winechain.co, the Nft platform that connects wineries and enthusiasts around the word

The wine-NFT connection is increasingly popular, in a prospect of Non Fungible Tokens more and more colored by the nectar of Bacchus. And now it arrives another project that sees an industry expert such as Xavier Garambois, former vice president of Amazon Europe, who, together with Guillaume Jourdan, CEO of VitaBella in Paris, Nicolas Mendiharat, CEO of Palate Club in San Francisco, has launched the Winechain project, ready to launch its “independent NFT platform created and designed for great winemakers. Decidedly oriented towards establishing a direct relationship with new generations of consumers from all over the world, the marketplace has already raised over 1.3 million euros from an international community of great winemakers and enthusiasts ready to finance this project that combines wine and technology”.
Thanks to this unique mobilization carried out in a few weeks, the initiative launched in April 2022, explains a note, will be able to see the light around the last quarter of 2022 with the release of the first wiNeFT (the official name of an NFT on Winechain).
“The Winechain project - explains Xavier Garambois - was made possible thanks to an innovative way of building, involving, and bringing together a community around a common project. Winechain, is the new generation “Vino + Nft” marketplace. To build it, we rely on the blockchain and the Web3, which will become revolutionary and essential tools for the big names in wine. Attentive listening to wineries, the creation of the NFT platform and the establishment of a solid global logistics hub are our priorities in order to be able to offer, at the end of 2022, a high-quality platform at the service of winemakers and wine lovers from all around the world”.
Winechain’s intent is to build dynamic and committed communities made up of prestigious wineries and passionate and demanding consumers. Winechain customers will find on the platform the access to rare wines, solid guarantees on the authenticity and traceability of these wines and the certainty that the wines - until their shipment - will be stored only in Winechain’s dedicated warehouses. In this way they will be able to manage their cellar, for example by reselling some of their wiNeFT on Winechain and actively participate in the life of the community.
On the other hand, the winemakers are responsible for deciding which wines (vintages, quantities, prices) they wish to sell on Winechain and, having access to all customer data, they will be able to create a new direct distribution channel with their final consumers. This will give them all the freedom to animate their consumer's communities around the world. With the world of wine more and more hi-tech.

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