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“I, The Wine” by the Finnish director Ville Niemi, wins the “Carpenè-Malvolti Script Contest”

The winery where Prosecco was created rewards young filmmakers who tell stories of Italian wines the new generations love the most

1866: returning home from the Third War of Independence, inspired by the encounter with a farmer in whose vineyard he wanted to work, Antonio Carpena became aware new methods of vineyard management needed to be studied to get higher quality grapes and wines than in the past. When he returned to teaching at the University, he transferred his lessons outside, relaying his theories on how to enhance the territory and its resources. Students and farmers listened to his lessons, and also Angelo Malvolti, with whom he will form a fraternal friendship and a long partnership that will lead to the foundation of the Trevigiana Wine Society, the current Carpenè-Malvolti, and Prosecco. This is the story of I, The Wine by the Finnish director, Ville Niemi, winner of the Carpenè-Malvolti Script Contest. The contest is geared to young directors and novice screenwriters and dedicated to the historic Conegliano winery wine companies, founded by the father of Prosecco, as well as to the history of Italian wines the new generations love the most and the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The “Ca' Foscari Short Film Festival 2022 was held recently in Venice and cinema students from all over the world participated.

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