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Igt Toscana, pillar of Italian wine, will now have more protection and promotion

WineNews rumors: decree signed authorizing the consortium, led by Cesare Cecchi, to protect and promote the Tuscany brand
The vineyards of Tuscany, among the most admired in the world (ph: Clay Banks via Unsplash

A pillar of Italian and Tuscan wine, a geographical indication under whose umbrella fall even more prestigious labels from Italy (from Tignanello to Solaia by Antinori, from Masseto to Gorgona by Frescobaldi, from Le Pergole Torte by Montevertine to Tenuta di Trinoro, from Flaccianello della Pieve by Fontodi to Cecchi’s Coevo, to Bibi Graetz’s Testa Matta, to name but a few of the many great examples possible) but also many “pop”, experimental and innovative wines, now Igt Toscana will have its own Consortium of reference. According to WineNews rumors, in these hours the ministerial decree has been signed authorizing the already established Consorzio Vino Toscana, chaired by Cesare Cecchi and directed by Stefano Campatelli (and to which more than 130 leading realities have already joined, as reported here), to operate, protect the name and do the promotion of Igt Toscana.
One of the strongest names in Italian wine, then, Tuscany, and an important Geographical Indication under which fall 13,500 hectares of vineyards, for a claimed average annual production of 640,000 hectoliters in the last five years, a weight of 27% of the total regional production, with more than 95 million bottles marketed each year for a production value close to half a billion euros, will therefore have its own institutional reference, through which will pass first and foremost the protection of the name, then the promotion, and the putting in order of a specification under whose rules so many different wines fall, produced by more than 1,400 bottling producers. For a brand, Igt Toscana, strong in Italy (where 31% of production ends up) and very strong in exports, where 7 out of 10 bottles end up, with a growth of 126% in recent years, with Europe (46%) and the USA (33%) as the main destination markets.

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