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Istat: in the first 5 months of 2019, wine shipments at 2.605 billion euros, up +5.5%

Italian wine data are good, with positive results for the main outlet markets: the United States (+3.89%), Germany (+5.68%) and Great Britain (+5%)
Istat: in the first 5 months of 2019, wine shipments at 2.6 billion euros, +5.5%

Leaving aside sentiment, hopes and expectations, more or less aware, and relying on the numbers, the first five months of 2019, in terms of the export of wine of the Belpaese, tear more than a smile: the value of shipments reach 2.605 billion euros, up 5.5%, according to ISTAT data on foreign trade updated in May and analyzed by WineNews. All the main markets are doing well, starting with the United States, where exports jumped to 642 million euros in the period, 3.89% more than in the same period in 2018. Germany, the second largest outlet in terms of value, reached 437 million euros, up 5.68%, and Great Britain, in spite of Brexit and worries, reached 289 million euros, 5% more than the first five months of 2018, closing the podium of the first three countries of outlet for Italian wine.

In fourth place, Switzerland, with 162.9 million euros (+1.42%), then Canada, stable in fifth place, with 128 million euros of Italian wine purchased in the first five months of 2019 (+2.6%), followed by France, in sixth place at 93.5 million euros, with one of the performance, in terms of growth, more significant: +8.17%. In contrast, Sweden, which fell to 73 million euros (-5.57%), almost made up for by Japan, which recorded a real boom and joined the first Scandinavian market at 73 million euros (+16.9%). The top ten of the ten outlet markets for Italian wine shipments closed with the Netherlands, another excellent performance, at 66 million euros (+14.5%), and Belgium, down, at 55.6 million euros (-4.37%). Back, two markets as expected as, at least for now, marginal, both in positive territory: China and Russia, respectively at 53.9 million euros (+5.9%) and 39.3 million euros (+17.2%).

Moving the focus to volumes, a less significant but nevertheless very important aspect, especially to understand the level of consumption of Italian wine in the world, the growth is even more evident, with 895 million liters exported, according to Istat data, in the first 5 months of 2019, up by 10% over the same period in 2018. Germany is still at the top and is growing strongly, at 230 million liters, +15.45%, followed by the United States, at 148.5 million liters (+1.7%), and the United Kingdom, at 107.6 million liters (+8%). France fourth outlet of Italian wine in volume, thanks to bulk wine, with 53 million liters (+17.3%), then Switzerland, down slightly, even in volume, with 31.5 million liters (-0.2%), followed in sixth place by Canada: 31 million liters (+0.35%). Sweden also fell in volume, to 22.27 million liters (-11.9%), while the Netherlands grew significantly, up to 20.3 million liters (+16%), and Belgium also rebounded negatively: 18.9 million liters, down by -7.2%. Finally, very well, again, Japan, to 19.5 million liters (+23.7%), then Russia, to 16.9 million liters (+18%) and China, to 16 million liters (+10.2%).

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